Saturday, April 14, 2007

The proposal

When Bharath isn't busy getting drunk and stealing traffic cones from the roadside or stealing appointment books from random restaurants/clubs etc he keeps himself busy by proposing to women. But this time he has created a new record. He proposed to 3 different women using 4 different proposals in the span of fifteen minutes.

Bharath tries proposing to Pri:

allo miss
i want to be taking our phraandship to next level.. i want dateship..
wat say we go roaming on mg road? we will buy some nice nellikai and kallekai and munch on them while we roam birigade road..
then we will both be taking by-two tea in muniswamis. so romancing no?
i see butterflyies in my stomach when i think about this special times we spends in together..
please give me your google talk phone number.. ill give you missed calls.. i will show you how much i missed you..
you are spechaial
yours waiting

Bharath tries proposing to Kb:

dearest kb,
neevu namma volavina taare...
neenu eegane baare....
hum tum is duniya saare..
hai pyaare
yeng ide nanna poyum... ninagagi..
i am buddying poyut...
i understand yengster urge to drink beers and be jolly in park and all by why take drinks? i also take once in a while drinks.. then i go crazy.. but not always..
i too like mr ambareesh who runs sideways and his watta fantastic hairstyle... .i see lovves budding beteween us
seeking to hold ur hands and go roaming on avenue road

Bharath tries proposing to Soupie:

dear miss soupie,
hi myself pree's new basht phrand..
i want to take this opurtuntee to perpose my hendsomeself in marriage thans..
please be sure that u will be very vary happyships..
i will take u for picchar of tamil superstars and in summer eveinging i will be the taking u too ooty botanical gargens and ill be singing the romance songs for you.. then for u shy will be the coming..
p.s. free masala dosa at airlines included
yours expectingly..

Bharath tries proposing to Pri: [for the second time]

to the maami of the denver..
to the maami... please be accepting my humble appologies i have not writed you a desent perpojal.. you are the yapple of my eye.. i want you to be the best perposal of them all..
when i be hearing your raaga swaram.. its like daada hitting sixer in the chepauk stadium.... yuvi be damned!
its like kumble taking 10 wickets against australia in the wc finals...please be accepting my hand in marriage.. i promise you thet i will marry you on the pitch of eden park....
i shall invite all the 11 crickets stars of indian team to be present in wedding...
please dont be yaangry with me..
youvers defensively
yell barto

p.s bharath is also sometimes known as Stalker Shanmuga.


somaki said...

pri... me feels it is meant to be... imagine a honeymoon in bangkok... with bharath, pri, soupie n kb all at once... ain't it lauly... keep it going i say!!!

kb alias halal paapanni said...

nahhhiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnn my horts broken into small small veryy veryy small pieces... jest like mirror breaking when fallin from up....
jest like big waves hitting big big rocs on the seas
jest like lightning splashings in the skies at 10000000 watts
jest like my sewing maching getting spoilt...
jest like india loosing match to papua new guinea...
bhagwaan ... ye saab mere saath hi kyon hota hai??? akhir maine kiya kya hai??? sirf eek pathi maaga tha thujse??????
but mr. rbr.... wat sads me mostlies is that you are offering sati sautan savithri free dosa in airlines.... main ye baat kabhi nahin booloongi...
you will pay for this...{roaring evil laughter}

Pri said...

@k to the b: um u got the best proposal betch. it rhymes in 2 different languages. stop complaining and wtf is a 'pathi maga'? u r wanting father and son is it? i know ure motto in life is 'jana change keltaare' but this is swalpa too much ree.

k.b. said...

@ pri... ehhh its maanga... not maaga... kindly adjust de insingnicant typo!