Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Why it’s too early to make Yuvraj ‘Gaddu’ Singh captain of the Indian cricket team. [According to Soupie]

She said:

"I’m not ready to be First Lady of the Indian Cricket team [yet] for the following reasons:

1. The man who’s going to be captain doesn’t know I want to be his wife/better half [wtf with this person my half's as good as it gets]
2. We haven’t been introduced. [In other words he doesn’t know I exist]*
3. He's too young to have Yamraj [our son] who I dream will one day ‘coincide’ his test debut with his father's farewell game.
4. Umm I’m not ready to be a lady.
5. Kb hasn't graduated from Fashion School = hasn’t started making ‘tish’ first lady clothes yet = I wont be able to wear designer hats, sip tea and clap while blowing kisses = simple Kb isn’t ready to dress the Jackie O of International Cricket.
6. I will ONLY, I repeat ONLY marry the proposed captain, when there’s a good chance my friends can meet and "mingle" [freely very freely] with fellow team members which is not possible at present time.

Yeah so for now that's it. Make it a petition if you like.”

* I beg to differ Soupie. There was that one time at Spinn [when he was with that same random foreigner girl who left him waiting outside the ladies room at Insomnia] when he totally checked you out.

A few minutes later:

Soupie: I admit it's funny...the whole Gaddu thing but Pri we have to keep it a secret. What if it leaks out after I marry him? He can never find out how obsessed i was with him. It'll ruin all our chances.

Pri: I love how my friends are as delusional as i am.


Anonymous said...

u guys are (ROTFL)zimbly funny..
love reading ur blogs..i have a Q pri:
do u have any fantasy of marrying any of the cricketers and become a second lady :P of the team??
rock on

Pri said...

Duh!!! Let's see there's Zak and VVS [but then he got married] and then our mini-celebrity cricketer B and when i was in the 8th grade it was Dravid [I know. I want to barf too]

K.B. said...

soupie you can totally scracth de problem you have with me.... i will quit me educaton and specialise in first lady clothes... i have no problems in making them... there one problem solved... go on i know you can handle de rest! i'll make you more famous than Jackie 0!!!!!!

K.B. said...

i mean scratch out the problem from your list