Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Random friend [I’ve been requested to protect identity]: Promise me you won’t ask him okay?

Pri: Okay okay.

Random friend: So I was talking to X … just random talk about being in love with my new bag [I am so in love] when X says: Oh cool. I’m so into sling bags now. Last week I got a Louis Vuitton grey suede sling.

Random friend: Ahem ahem theoretically men+slings = metro-sexual (we like)
BUT BUT in India men+slings = homosexual

Really Pri, remember that nagging doubt we had?
Well I think is true.
The first boy I kissed is G*A*Y


kb said...

hehhe i knw who de random ppl are..hehehhe....

Pri said...

@kb: Of course u do la, now shush! Oh and now because of u i cant stop saying la. MAKE IT STOP!

soupie said...

even I know , I know Heheee