Sunday, March 25, 2007

All this free time and nothing to do

Now that we're out of the world cup I find myself completely bored with absolutely nothing to do. You see I had this whole month planned out and now suddenly i have all this time to catch up on movies and search for ring tones and check out upcoming Desi musicians and read marriage proposals etc...

I just discovered Yes its a real site... for Desi ring tones. I downloaded "Chak de Phattey" from that "Khosla ka Ghosla" movie. Super fun song. I've already made my mother call me twice just so i can listen to it.

I also finally watched 'Morning Raga'. Shabana Azmi did better than i thought as a South Indian classical singer. The accent was very believable.

There's this really talented musician i recently discovered. I emailed him to ask if it was okay to play some of his music on this site and he said yes. Unfortunately i have no idea how to save it onto my Stickam player. Help! In the meanwhile you can check him out here.

One of my very silly friends made a fake profile for me without my knowledge [apparently I'm not the only one with nothing to do] on and some random Srilankan singles website. I'm not sure what the profile says but I'm getting marriage proposals from random Srilankan men and women [i think they're women...i cant really tell by the names] Here are two of my most favourite emails. And to think i almost deleted them without reading them first. You'll be glad i didn't.

Hello Dear,

My name is M*****a W*******n and i am 26 years old male living in Orchard the heart city of Singapore..I saw your profile and I found it very unique and interesting and i greatly admire you and your personality, thus i decided to correspond with you asap and try to get to know you more better.
I hardly correspond with people on net but there's something about you which caught my attention and i decided to write to you in the hope that you will reply my E-mail and give me the chance to make this relationship of ours take a step further.Well, I will be eagerly waiting for your quick response and I am certain that I did make a right choice in corresponding with you.
I want to be your friend,for friendship cannot be seen or even be touched; it must be felt within the heart. I do very much believe you will feel same way. Wow, friends are like clothes, without them you feel naked! I guess am right? So please if you accept my friendship, then please reply to me and i will let you know more about me.
Looking forward for a wonderful reply from you.My E-mail address is: m***************
Mob: +65-********
I will be waiting to hear from you soonest.Take care of yourself and have a nice day.

Urs M*****a

Hello priya,

How are you and how is going on your works? I am L****n from srilanka(Tamil). I saw your profile in Visit Srilankan would like to reply for the ad. Do you want to know about my family and me? I am a Banker in Bank of Ceylon. I am not married. Height 5 foot 10. 25 years old. Now I am following degree in financial service. I am the only Chile in my parents my father is a business man .mother is a house wife. Other our relation in London (my mum brother family), Australia (my father one of the brother family), Swiss (my mum brother and sister) and Kandy (Gampola).Our properties in Colombo and Eastern provincial. If you accept call me +94******** or E.mail:k_l***** I attached my pictures .can you send me your picture, contact details and May I know about your family and more details about you. What about your decision inform that me.
I expect your reply. take care bye.

Thank you

Also it's K to the B's birthday tomorrow. Let's all wish her as she celebrates being 24! You're getting old La! If Soupie and I were closer we could've brought you real cake and sung "Hyappy Budday to You" completely off key in Filmy style but not to worry there's always high speed Internet. We'll think of some way to do eet the group celebration.


kb said...

hello pri... congratulations on the wedding proposals! i like the second one. i think you should consider it.
thanks a ton for the cake!!! but uve got my age wrong girl... i turn 20 this year :)
thanks girls, soupie too...
love you'll

sid said...

happy budday kb... i wished u on g talk but i guess like ur friend u ignore me too

SID said...

hahahahahaha hahahahahahah hahahahahahaha... they actually e-mailed u from lanka... for THAT profile... i cant fuckin believe it...

sid said...

ok so i am the 1 hu created the profiles... with these 2 e-mailes it was worth takin the time out of my bizi schedule.

Pri said...

@kb: 20? um sure. whatever u say. it's your huttidhabba after all.

@sid: Bastard bitch i knew it was u.

sid said...
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soupie said...

@sid:clap clap clap clap. We had to take matters in our hands to re-unite pre with romantic destiny with Sri Lanka. Thank you for making the ffort. Kindly contact me if you need pic's to update teh profile.:)

Ashwin said...

Friends a re like clothes? Don't you... isn't it often that we throw out old clothes?

Sandeep said...

your every other post has a matrimonial post!! :O :D