Monday, March 05, 2007

Gtalk talk 3

So me thinks the whole putting Gtalk conversation here has been a super duper idea. If u haven't liked the first two chances are u wont like this one. Now i do realise they're silly but they're funny silly. hmmm i should totally do like a reader survey thingy no since u don't believe in leaving comments for me u horrible horrible lazy ass people!

Just to give u some background. I have these two friends who i love oh so much. You've probably heard their names before. There's Kb who lives in Singapore (budding fashion designer and all..budding what the hell kind of word is budding?) and then there's Soupie who lives in London (budding journalist. fine i used it again but its better than saying wannabe). We miss each other so so much and when one is super busy with work or ones laptop is taken for repairs and returned only after 3 months its hard for us cause we cant do our daily online bitching sessions. I still don't know how the girl survived without her laptop for that long. I would've killed myself. I think i might want to be buried with my laptop when i die :)

Kavya: hi pri
priya: oh look its bugger mane
Kavya: heheheh im dying
priya: wtf? u rose from the dead eh?
priya: soupie and me were about to dispatch a search team
Kavya: i got reserected
hhehehhe pls pls do and also find people who can draw and sew
priya: filled mostly with creepy gowda boys with large ahem estates
Kavya: tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
priya: um kb only u can make a typo sound horny
Kavya: heheeh
priya: res erected? its resurrected
Kavya: watever! dictionary!
ur de pervert
priya: so we ... as in ure two best friends in the whole wide world have decided to call a group meeting
Kavya: i have my collecdtion presentation tomo
wen wen
priya: this tuesday at 8 am my time
Kavya: im not here for a week
priya: wtf?
Kavya: hello thats today
for me
priya: um tuesday is today?
wow ure seriously tired no?
Kavya: oh then it will be wed for me
ehhehhe ess ya
priya: huh?
Kavya: my mind is not working properly
priya: k tuesday 8:30 pm india time is wat 10:30 pm for u no?
Kavya: ess
priya: this tuesday not possible aa?
Kavya: but i will be just returning from college
after my presentation
priya: so? u need time to meditate?
Kavya: hmmmm may be i'll still be alive
priya: paah!
soupie and i were just discussing how dissapointed we are in u.
heeeee no we werent
Kavya: why?
priya: wats with all this working so hard i say?
Kavya: ahem
Kavya: see i have to make designs for my final collection
Kavya: and tomo is the presentation
Kavya: I can come but ill be an hour late at 11:30?
priya: No. cause thats when i take my snaana.
i guess i could take snaana at 8 uh
Kavya: y u going for snaana?
priya: fine 11:30 pm singapore time naale. vokai beta?
no not now
but most days i like to take a shower before i leave for work
Kavya: vokai
riya: u should try it too
Kavya: ohhhh like that
priya: k. i will dispatch the msg to soupie
Kavya: ess
but u know
priya: i dunno why im saying dispatch so much
i know
Kavya: i spoke to her day before yest
priya: so lucky!
yes i heard
Kavya: heheeh
priya: i spoke with her face to face over high speed internet
Kavya: i knw and my internet was also fine
hehhe i saw de face
priya: she has web cam now
i also saw her room
Kavya: but it didn move much
priya: bed
Kavya: oooooo
priya: and the street outside her house
Kavya: heheeh and de guy who stares at her?
priya: i saw british cars zooming by
Kavya: wah re wah
so lucky
priya: i got a tour
did u get a tour?
haah! she loves me more
Kavya: no pri my internet doesnt support that
priya: huh?
Kavya: ahem we spoke for a loooong time
priya: wat do u mean?
Kavya: My internet is slow no
Kavya: its stolen. wat more can i expect from eet
Kavya: Oh and pri i finally got the shirts. i looooooooooooooooooovvvvvveeeeeeee them
they r soooooo cute
priya: oh yay!!!!
Kavya: ur de best!!!!!!!
priya: im glad u like them
but i thought they were a bit tight for u
Kavya: ehhh no problem... i did some stretch exercises
priya: as in?
u worked out?
Kavya: no no i just stretched de shirts....hhehehhehe
priya: heeeeeeeeeee
Kavya: they became fatter for me!!!!!!!!
priya: but sunnu didnt like them no?
Kavya: ya ya....
she said they look faded
priya: omg! shes so lame
theyre vintage damn it!
Kavya: hehhehehheh
eh im going to hong kong on thursday
to buy fabrics for the fashion show
priya: omg! u now travel out of the country to buy fabric?
Kavya: oh and pri i think i'm going to need to buy a gas mask that puffs purfume
priya: wat the fuck for?
Kavya:because imallergic to chinese food smell
Kavya: hehehhe
priya: how can u be allergic to chinese food smell? u live in singapore!
Kavya: heehhe i dont breathe when i pass a food court

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soupie said...

Gulz gurlz!
Pri I treated this an my maar(yawn)ing paper...
couldn't stop laughing.
Can you post yourselves here..
I miss you gals more and more each day!
pre sorry I remember you still don't like being kissed, so I'll hire sunetra. Ha ha!