Thursday, March 15, 2007

Bag spotting and soufflé making

L: Did u see that lady’s bag?
P: No. Why? Is it nice or ugly?
L: Ooh it’s nice.

I walk over to B’s office pretending to look for something

B [in uncalled for grumpy voice]: What do you want?
P: Nothing. I just came over here so I can walk back and check out that lady’s bag. So this is a fake conversation.
B: What lady?
B: Oh did I tell you I hate my job?
P: Yeah. Me too

I walk back casually glancing in bag lady’s direction.

L: Did you see?

Mmm hmmm, I nod approvingly.

L: Where do you think it’s from?
P: I don’t know but it’s fabulous [I say, sounding very Jay Manuelesque*]
L: Would it will be weird if I asked her where she got it?
P: No. But pretend you just saw it and you love it.
L: Okay

I walk back to my seat all satisfied with my grand accomplishment for the morning.

It’s been a half hour and I’m still dreaming about the bag.


I would also like to announce that I was tricked [by my mother] into making five large trays of pineapple soufflé last night. Originally I was going to make one tray which then became two and then three and then five. I felt like a freakin caterer. 40 eggs were used in the process. 40! But I did feel all professional when I got done. I gloated to Soupie [who taught me how to make it] about it and she was very proud of me. It’s the only thing I can make but I make it well. Don’t tell her but I think my soufflé is better than hers.



bharath said...

it does NOT look like souffle..
it looks like curd/yoghurt based gravy from south india....

Karan said...

I think you should let others decide who can make it better. So c'mon - Soupie and Pri go make one bowl each for me.

Pri said...

@Bharath: Um NO! It looks fabulous and it tastes even better.

@Karen: Um NO! But nice try.

Britt said...

I WAS NOT GRUMPY!!!!!!!!!!! :p

Anonymous said...

that looks like what the girl in exorcist pukes at the priest.