Thursday, March 15, 2007

ML tries to watch a YouTube video

ML: What ‘muffin’ video do you guys keep talking about?

P: Okay go to google

ML [looking very confused]: Um Google?

P: Yeah. Do you know how to go to Google?

2 minutes later

ML: Yeah I’m on Google.

B: Okay now type in

ML somehow gets onto

B and P cracking up: No no not ‘uube’ – ‘youtube’

ML is now on

B: No no ML. It’s Youtube

ML types in

ML: Nothings happening.

B: Um you have to type in the .com part

ML: Oh okay. Is this it?

B: [giggling hysterically]: OMG I think I have to pee

P: Okay. Now search for muffins

ML: Where do I search?

B: You see that white rectangle? Type ‘muffins’ in there

P: Okay now click on the first video.

ML clicks on second video [which luckily happens to be the same as the first] and proceeds to watch the first whole minute with no volume.


Karan said...

Why did Pri ask her to go to Google and then to YouTube instead of going to directly?

Women and common sense I tell you!

Pri said...