Thursday, March 15, 2007

this is the sad me
the sad me stares at the computer screen for hours
the sad me has a very lame life
the sad me is brilliant at being fake happy
the sad me cant even write a 55 word story
because the story isn't really fiction
the sad me is the real me


kb said...

i dont lik sad u also... wat happened???

'Num said...

fifty five a number strange
sometimes too few sometimes one too many
to tell the tales of life-an entity strange too
life’s a yummy pineapple souffle.
melting candy..bittersweet :)
people-rats in mazes..mad scientists probably laughing somewhere in the cosmos
happy accidents brightening up our days
surprises wait at the next corner
chin up girlie


'Num said...

Oh and the last bit was fifty five too :)
Nice music.Nicer blog.

Pri said...

Awww. Thank You! A comment from a real live blogger and not just my friends who are blackmailed into reading my blog. Yay!

Karan said...

@ Pri: Say me thanks for the compliment on the music.

Pri said...

@Karen: You recommended like 10 songs out of which i added like 2 [only cause iloved them too] so no u dont get any credit.