Monday, February 19, 2007

Three months of Solitude

So mum got back on Thursday. A reminder for those of you who weren't aware - I've been living alone for the last three months and I've absolutely loved it. And now i have to relearn how to live with someone else. Don't get me wrong. I love my mum and she brought me back lots of nice presents and she cooks real good but in these three months i have realised something. I'm a loner. Ooh. Deep. No but really i have spent so much alone time with me since December and i was never once bored. I like the peace and quiet. Okay yes the television was my best friend. Don't judge me. And i did hang out with my friends a lot but it was mostly just me and my couch and my laptop. Sure there were sudden random shopping trips and dinners and cricket matches but the rest of the time it was just me and it was great. So i was wondering what this means. The fact that i am perfectly content with just me. Am i always going to be this way?
The fact that I've come home and the kitchen smells great should make me happy right? But i sorta miss coming home to find no food [well none that's more than a week old]. I miss picking up the phone to dial Dominos. I miss being able to sleep till whatever hour of the morning/afternoon/evening i choose to. I miss checking the mailbox only once a week [okay i admit this one is sorta lazy and could be potentially dangerous you know with all the identity theft that's happening] Anyway now the house doesn't just smell of me and dust. It smells of me and chicken biryani! And its not just the smells ... the noises...the vacuum cleaner. I mean shes been here what 4 days and the bloody thing has been used some 7 times. Okay i admit she did have to clean for 3 months. But it wasn't that dirty. I hadn't even used the rest of the house. It was exactly how she had left it.
The land line rings more often and i cant just let the answering machine get it. Today we had visitors. This whole family just showed up and i had to sit on the dining table [which is so highly overrated by the way] and make pleasant conversation with them. It was painful. I wanted to go back to my book. [Oh by the by i now read again because my awesome friend sent me a book...fine its about cricket]

In other news [which is related i promise] Dad called today and was talking about my future. Ugh! I hate those conversations. The marriage word is being thrown in a lot these days...all very casually but terrifying none the less. I know i cant avoid the topic forever but its sorta scary thinking about the day my dad will realise I'm not joking when i say "No pa, not for another 10 - 15 years." I know he will use every emotional card he can use but its not going to work. I've never been more certain of not wanting something in my life. I don't want to ruin my relationship with my dad. I don't want to cringe every Sunday night when the phone rings. I already get annoyed because i have to miss the second half of Brothers and Sisters every week. Am i just being the most self absorbed ungrateful bitch ever? Or am i just being me?

In totally unrelated news Dada won man of the series and i had to try really hard not to cry. To all those bastards who didnt believe it could happen........I TOLD U SO!!!

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