Sunday, February 18, 2007

Completely useless [unless you're K or P or bored] Gtalk talk

P: k im back
u know wat?
K: hieee
P: i think Meredith may have died
K: ess tell me
P: Meredith Gray
K: wtf????
P: yeah
K: they r killin her?
P: i have to wait till thursday to find out
K: hehehhe
P: the last scene she wakes up and she sees Denny
u know dead guy Denny
K: awwww
yea yea
P: i think maybe she is in a coma and she is just seeing all this in her head
K: but how did she reach coma state?
P: she was helping a patient
near this thing
K: oki
P: i mean they all go to help cause there's this shipwreck
K: oki
P: so neway she is helping him and he is having fits or something and she loses balance and falls into the water
it was such a cool episode
K: ohhhh hehehehe
P: Izzy gets to drill a hole in this man's head using one of those car drills heeeeee
it was awesome
K: ohhh gooood
P: if i was alone i would've cried
Kavya: hehhehe
P: but my mum was next to me munching chips
K: moms back ehhhhh
P: yeah
K: how was her trip
P: good good
she put on 15 pounds
K: how r u handling company?
P: heeeeeee
K: ommggg
P: it sucks
K: hehhehe
P: i mean it doesn't suck
its just weird
K: i think i'll feel lik tht wen i get back
K: im also home alone till tuesday
P: k
its nice no?
K: its chinese new yr
and we have holidays
no ya i speak to myself sometimes
P: oh yeah
annoying ppl had come to the bank to get new one dollar notes
for chinese new we have nothing better to do
K: ohhhh hehhehe
P: i wanted to slap all of them.
K: gong xi fa chai
P: eh?
wtf is that?
K: hehhehe that means happy new yr
P: oohh
i thought it meant u were going for chai
K: hehhehehe
P: ok so why does this b******i put random pics of white babies as her Orkut profile pic?
Kavya: ummmm ummmm
i dono
maybe de poor gal has no pretty pics
im such a bitch
yeah but still why the kids?
K:and ur worse for even askin tht question
P:and why r they always white?
is she racist?
K: like de falthu posters ppl put wen they pregnant
P: heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
yeah so that their ugly ass kid will suddenly look like the fat white kid in the pic smelling a rose or some shit
K: ya yay ya
P: good god this conversation is so silly
do u care if i put it on me blog?
K: and de pics r scary cuz they have an "angel" effect to them
no no put it
P: i like to say me blog occasionally cause i feel very Irish
now im trying to be funny cause i know this is going on my blog
im so lame
K: ummm yes
P: heeeeeeee

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