Wednesday, February 21, 2007

More random Gtalk talk (WARNING: This one is even sillier. I wouldn't recommend reading this very early in the morning)

priya: Belige belige im drinking coffee
Karan: ah, coffee, my fav
priya: but its only Bru
i was too lzy to make filter kaapi
Karan: i LOVE bru.
priya: hmmm its ok i guess
Karan: doubt if i can ever make it though.
priya: what's so difficult u idiot?
take some milk in a cup
Karan: Nescafe has solid sexy colour, but no taste.
priya: not steel
put it in the microwave for like 2 mins
then take 1 steel lota and put 1 tsp bru & 2 tsps of sugar in it
then pour from one to the other
till u get norai [as in foam]
then drink
nescafe is like ariel powder
Karan: easier - "Pari, yenke one cup coffee venu
priya: type fast u lazy bitch
Karan: my maid.
priya: oh i thought ure pari...ure doww
Karan: oh, my other maid is called Rakhee, but we call her Rocky.
priya: damn it i want a maid in the amreeka. Karen, will u be my maid?
Karan: ah, no such luck.
priya: be my maid!!!!!
actually never mind
ud be so useless
ud whine all day
Karan: She's BIG - and partly deaf.
priya: omg my maid is totally half deaf too
Karan: WTF?
priya: the one in bengloor
Karan: maybe it's a maid thing to be deaf.
Karan: does she call you "papa"?
priya: no u fuckface
papa anthe!
Karan: all maids seem to call kids, ok girls "papa"
priya: wat does rocky call u? betu?
Karan: "papa ke something venu"
priya: heeeeee
Karan: "papa alurida"
priya: alurida?
Karan: no, she calls me Karan.
priya: why u talking about tamil maids only?
Karan: 'coz Kannadiga's are not great maids.
Karan: lazy.
priya: omg
Karan: and don't last.
i don't know.
priya: i cant believe were discussng maids
Karan: we've always had tamilian maids.
you started it.
priya: good god were having such a sindhi kitty party discusson
no u did
Karan: Who's pari it seems!
priya: well yeah i thought she was ure doww
or that it was some line in some new kaapi ad u saw
Karan: ah, no dove men.
priya: type fast!
Karan: you get Bru there?
priya: ya ya
Karan: as in imported from India?
priya: and glusose biscoot...and thumbs up
Karan: or American?
answer my questions...
priya: i mean i buy it at the indian store
Karan: does it have an indian chick on the packet?
priya: yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
priya: paah
Karan: Indian.
priya: i already told u
the only doubt was if it was made here in california
or something u know like where they make indian icecreams
Karan: What?
priya: they sell some strange chikoo ice cream and mango and kesar pista
Karan: or DBC
ah, DBC.
priya: peach melba without the peaches (just the juice)
and cake fudge
and brownie fudge
Karan: but all of a sudden it's become un-cool to have ice-cream here.
priya: and pineapple passion mmmmmm
Karan: all the kids are like "lets go for a gellato"
priya: a wat?
wat eet ees?
Karan: gellato it seems.
priya: like jelly?
Karan: some bloody fat free ice cream in all these malls.
priya: heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
shut up! really? omg
Karan: in really small cups.
priya: so silly
Karan: yeah,
and the places that stock them have sad names.
like "MAMA MIA"
priya: heeeeeeeeeeee
Karan: or "AMERO"
priya: i miss my bengloor..all these so called cool trends that start every 5 seconds
priya: yay for karan...keeping me upto date!!!
Karan: BHUTTA!!!!
priya: waaaaaaaaaaaaat? why?????????????????????/
Karan: my fav.
priya: wat other thindis do they eat during their evening walk then?
kadale kai?
Karan: "it gets stuck in your teeth - yuck... "
priya: heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Karan: WTF?
priya: omg wat eediots
Karan: Corn in a cup
priya: heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
u can do that?
so some dentist pulls out all the corn and puts it in a cup aa?
then u eat with toothpicks?
Karan: no, spoon.
with butter, lime and salt.
for 60 bucks.
priya: butter?
omg were turning into effing emmetikka!
Karan: yeah, almost.
priya: the only reason priya and i went for walks was to eat butta
and to go to std booth to call our respective dowws
Karan: priya?
priya: yeah, my neighbour
this was in the zamana when we didnt have cellphones
and then we'd check out the neighbourhead boys playing kirket
ooh and plus we could evesdrop on the local auntyjee gossip


I am the Walrus said...

wowww... am at work and I can't believe I actually read the conversation in it's entirety. Uhh.. Gelato is Italian Low Fat icecream...

K.B. said...

i still love CORNER HOUSE!!!! and will love eet forever.

Pri said...

@I am the Walrus: Heeeee. I hope i havent caused any permanent brain damage.

@Kb: Muley maney rocks!!!

I am the Walrus said...

wait... are you guys talking about that TV show that my grandparents watch? I think it's called Muley Manay too...

Pri said...

umm what show? 'muley' means corner and 'maney' means house in Kannada so muley maney = corner house which is our favouritest ice cream parlour in the world. You must go if ure ever in Bangalore. Dont make too much noise though. The owner has been known to make people to leave. Ahem... Ive heard.