Friday, October 14, 2011

Mommy, let's delay these people for no reason.

Little kid at cvs earlier today - "Mommy, can mika have some jellybeans?"
"Mommy has to pay for it first hon."
Kid gets on his tippy toes to lay jelly beans on the counter and crosses his hands.
Collective awww at the checkout line.
Lady at the counter stops scanning stuff and starts asking Mika lame questions.
Mika: "I'm 3 and those are my jelly beans."
"Are you going to share them with anyone mika?"
"Um ..." long pause "okay."
Collective awwwww.
Meanwhile I'm trying my best not to yell let's go bitch.
Finally mika and mommy get moving.
"Bye mika. Be good now. Help mommy with the bags okay."
Lady only has one bag.
Meanwhile Mika has just dropped all the jelly beans on the floor.

Alright I just made up my dream ending to that story.
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