Tuesday, May 20, 2008

your birthdays

i did not forget to call you last year. i called a bunch of times. your stupid phone was out of range but i called.

also it is proper etiquette to inform your friends when you change your cell phone number. also who doesnt check email on their birthday?
my favourite birthday memory so far was the one when you, me and kb went to eat at that chettinaad place on 100 ft road and i tried to hide the cake in the back of the car but you saw it way before it was time to see it. you ate that entire cake all by yourself. i'm pretty sure kb only had like one piece and okay maybe i helped a little. ooh isnt chocolate mousse cake from sweet chariot like the best cake ever to dig into? no knives or serving plates required. just two spoons. because who shares spoons? that is not romantic. that's gross.

the only other birthday i remember was at that thai place. you and all your friends, me and my portable reliance landline in case dad called from his lions club meeting to check on me. and yes if the phone had rung in the restaurant i would have answered and done the whole "nothing daddy, im just watching tv. when you coming? dont forget to bring me ice cream" speech. but the phone didnt ring. instead i got to enjoy the excellent satay chicken while pretending i was totally okay sitting between you and whatsherface. *awkward*

i always bought you cologne for your birthday. and nice cologne too cause i have good taste. ooh one time i bought you that guha book but only because i wanted to read it too. and one time i bought you that blue checked shirt. and you dont know this but the only reason i bought it was because it reminded me of the shirt rahul dravid was wearing in that poster in my room. hehe.

happy sidmas stupid! i hope you had good cake.


Anonymous said...

If MR Birthday is reading this. Happy Budday!!

Bikerdude said...

Thanks ma, very sweet of you to remember.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

i want cake.

kavitha said...

yes, i need cake too...from sweet chariot! :(

Anonymous said...

what do u plan "to do" with the people in the to-do list?
pretty stupid eh?

Anonymous said...

if you have not realised it..
this entry of yours is served with a sprinkle of lesbianism..
thank you. come again.

Pri said...

anon: ooh really? nice! but i dont see it. where do u see it?

Chethana said...

I like 'whatsherface'. Will use it- got a lot of occasions to. Nice writing generally, ma.

Karan said...

whatsherface? really?

Ok, now that may need to be discussed.

Also, I love that cake. And I had AWESOME cake here also.

Sandeep said...

chocolate mousse cake from sweet chariot.. wow! love that..