Thursday, May 15, 2008

we can't help liking this boy even though he sounds a little drunk here.


The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

nice it is. but why he singing with food in his mouth?

shub said...

The accent totally cracks me up. And I started laughing when he went "yeh khwaab dekhti hoon main"! Yes, I'm silly that way. And jealous that he plays well.

And Pri, you also have that kindoff accent-aa?! Teehee!

Pri said...

tgfi: hehehe. so sad paapa.

shub: it's supposed to be a jazz version of the song. maybe the accent is on purpose. i don't know. i've only heard him sing in english and flute before. he sings beautifully in flute. sigh.

Pharmer said...

Look at his fingersss mmmmmmmm
So slender so long so so so so sooooo
I am getting such naughty naughty thoughtssss

Anonymous said...

why pa he be getting lyrics wrong? taking attention away from playing and overall effect.