Sunday, March 23, 2008

public service announcement

um ft collins person, are you gonna say hi? you're freaking me out a little. i figured it was only right to freak you out too. what else is up on this lovely easter evening?

while we're at it frederick maryland person, i will have you know you are freaking out a LOT of bloggers. also bookmark more fool. google less.


khal said...

Apparently, frederick maryland is NOT from frederick maryland

(see comments)

rads said...

*giggle* - Can I also add in my woes?
There's someone from madras who's read 34 pages in one sitting. I dinno I had 34 pages of verbosity :|

Yuppie said...

well if your intent is to freak me out. well achieved. But ahem isnt this a democratic country ?? Do I not have the rights to read blogs without being given a small goose bump.

Neways Hi, I'm Guhan. In Ft.Collins. Landed on ur blog frm Kris Ashoks's.

Should i also add I really liked ur blogs ? (its the truth no pattafying efforts here)

Bikerdude said...

Hae hae Houston finally contacts to Ft Collins :)