Tuesday, January 01, 2008

"Oh and he's hit that one really hard. He's nearly taken Umpire Bucknor with it". NEARLY being the key word.

i like:

that the outfield looks nice and quick in sydney. the slow outfield really hurt us at the mcg, especially since there is no such thing as converting a two into a three or a four in our team.

that bhajji has his confidence back. [anyone who's smart enough to say this deserves all those wickets. in case you missed it bhajji when asked what his secret was against ponting said "He hasn't batted long enough against me, so I don't know." Ooh snap!

that the pitch has some sort of life in it. in fact, so far it looks like a beautiful wicket to bat on. i cant wait to watch dada and vvs bat on it.

australia is six down already in spite of the fact that kumble has only bowled some two overs!

that there's plenty of banter around the wicket. always a good sign.

they're singing "oye oye" in the stands.

i don't like:

the fact that the umpire that's not bucknor also happens to be deaf. two wrong decisions already. not really complaining about the second wrong one. we hate ponting muchly.

the fact that bucknor's on the field. this has always been abshagun for us. especially when we're starting a new year. eesh!

that we're going to have to bat last. or not. hopefully not.

that we're sticking to our makeshift opening combo of boring and boring-er. veeru and karthik in the middle please!! we need some positivity.

that dravid and vvs are fielding on the boundary line??

that symonds is still at the crease and his bat is making all the right kind of sounds [wrong for us]

im confused:

about that tall awkward looking thing with the longish hair and the scary eyes. i've never seen it bowl before. wat it be?

edited at 10:47pm: my bad! i forgot to include the bastard third umpire in my list of 'don't likes'. how many times does symonds have to get out today before he's actually given out? anyone?

edited at 11:43pm: what is with the damn falling snowflake that has infested so many wordpress blogs? the first time i saw one i though i was losing my mind. Now it's everywhere. Does this bother anyone else?


Anonymous said...

Nice Pri, all this madness about cricket;
A very Happy New Year 2 u! Hope you have a damdaar New Year!!

Sakshi said...

@ Wordpress thingie - I seriously thought I was too drunk when I saw that :)
Ps- Came here via TGFI.

Nikhil.S.Kaundinya said...

if only UNGLE sreesanth could bowl as well he dances...
and yuvraj could field swalpa more properly....!!!

Renovatio said...

I'm not really digging the second season of 30 rock so far. I saw the first episode, and granted, "A woman your age is more likely to get mauled in a zoo than married" and Seinfeld looking into the camera to say "Bee movie, 2nd December" are a start, just not the expected level of humor I associate with the show. Think episode 15 of the first season, Hardball. Now THAT was bloody hilarious.

Anonymous said...

the snow flake boom on wordpress ends today.

Sam said...

agree with ya on all points... frnakly.. that symonds fella shud be given dough u knw.. the good old bribe i say...
and now, am yet to hitbthe snowflakes.. so have been doin pretty good so far!!