Tuesday, December 04, 2007

you me and ice box

there are random days you remember suddenly, for absolutely no reason. this was one such day.

lets see. there was you and me and my new car 'ice box' - my birthday present from daddy. 'ice box' because mani the drunk watchman would wash the car without fail every morning but never feel the need to wipe it. so it just sat there. all cold and drippy. it always felt like an ice box when i got in it, on my way to 7 am law class, where i'd sit as far back as possible and fall asleep until attendance time or break time, whichever came first.

that day there was no class. that day it was just you and me and ice box. the plan was to drive to the ends of the earth bangalore to eat at this one restaurant. but here's the weird thing. i cant remember us eating that day. do you? i mean we had to have eaten. you and me don't ever not eat. but all i remember is us driving. i yelled when you pretended to drive off the road. i yelled when you did things you're not supposed to do to the driver when they're driving. we stopped for elneeru. i don't even like elneeru. then you insisted on going to see these airplanes. i didn't want to see no airplanes. but you really really wanted to go and since we had nothing else to do we went. inside we watched this movie. about airplanes and you explained stuff to me. i thought it was really cute that you were so into these planes. you got really excited everytime i showed a little bit of enthusiasm. i'm sure for the most part i rolled my eyes and grumbled. especially if we hadn't eaten. why cant i remember? i don't know why this is so important. but it is. i mean wasn't that the whole idea? anyway after airplanes we drove some more. to this lame outlet store type place where we found absolutely nothing interesting. i think we went there just cause it involved driving. then we drove back. what an absolutely boring day!

i wish we could do it again. i miss you so much fool.

i promise if we ever do it again ill make sure we stop for food. but we're gonna have to get another car. ice box is no more.


Janefield said...

car was ice box and you were ice ice baby? and the 'you' was vanilla ice then? :P

K said...

this was the harley davidson lighter person?

Pri said...

@janefield: heh. sure.

@k: huh? who? what? huh?

I love Lucy said...


Tanmay said...

That was cho chweet Pri.

You DO have a heart... ;)

No, but seriously, I felt so sad.

sushruth said...

for someone far away who has absolutely devoured reading all your "watching namesake.." and not to forget "love in tokyo" posts, this one comes as a revelation..
people who can make u laugh can make u cry more easily..
be yourself!!(as if i needed to say that) BLOG ON.

chethan said...

I was away from your blog and sure I missed it a lot. "whatte fun"
keep writing.

Pri said...

i love lucy: im glad i made you go awwwww.

ts: why is everyone so shocked that i have a heart?

sushruth: thank you. that was incredibly sweet.

chethan: welcome back.

why is everyone being so nice all of a sudden?

Janefield said...

'tis the season to be jolly, pri! :P

The Nomad said...

Pri, that was reallly nice. Really really.

frissko said...

nice post...unlike your usual fare..but a really nice post...wishing you one more drive to the ends of b'lore...