Sunday, December 02, 2007

why i'll never win best neice. and stuff you need to be watching.

so im watching the kathy griffin show on bravo and right then my aunties decide they want to come sit down on the couch with me. now i happen to love kathy but oh my god does she loves to curse! so im sitting there trying to decide if i should attempt to change the channel but i realise that would look totally suspicious so i keep watching. then she repeats her entire emmy speech. with all the jesus jokes. and you cant not laugh at jesus jokes. now all my aunties hate me. that and earlier today i set the smoke alarms off by burning the chapathi pan which turned out to be an aapam pan. i didn't even know we had one of those. and apparently the chapathis weren't supposed to have been defrosted so they stuck to the pan forming this black part goeey - part crunchy mess. i'm such a disappointing niece. and who can compete with gaysin? the fool cooks and cleans and decorates. all the aunties love him. all i'm good at is picking restaurants and "helping" people shop.

oh by the way remember srilankan dude from thanksgiving dinner? yes the same one mother introduced me to four times that same night? well she finally confessed to having an ulterior motive. i told her i knew all along. that subtlety has never been one of her strengths. she seemed so shocked that i wasn't shocked by this big revelation. mothers!!!

i just realised you cant see disco's entire home on internet explorer. there's nothing i can do about it. you shouldn't still be using internet explorer anyway.

i liked aaja nachle. i recommend watching it. maybe i'm just too easy to please.

don't forget to watch comedy central's last laugh '07 tonight at 9 central. lewis black's performing. that's reason enough to watch.
also notes from the underbelly is back. mondays at 8:30 or 9. i'm not sure.

also do check out this fun fashion blog. sort of like fashion police for bollywood.

p.s now taking suggestions for future disco nomenclature.


Anonymous said...

Eh what ya?

PS: can u name the next disco "AmundeMaga" after Amundsen who discoverd south pole.

Pri said...

anon: only if you tell me who you are first and what's with this obsession with this amundsen person and what does my disco have to do with him?

Anonymous said...


anonimity has its reasons.

Ramsu said...


How about naming him Bappi Maga?


Bikerdude said...

How about
Ids the time to disco
disc jaki

Does Srilankan dude have large ranch near Kandy? If so kindly marry.

Nikhil.S.Kaundinya said...

how about disco shanti's compatriot SILK SMITHA... its like an ODE to 90's kannada item songs...!!1 :P :P

Ravi said...

Hi there,

You've got a nice blog mam...and I really loved your Bollywood Fashion blog too :)

Take care..Cheers!

Ravi (a reader of your blog)

La vida Loca said...

I amm still sticking to disco ninnajji or disco kisko or disco charkavarthy or disco raja

Anonymous said...

do a pale and thin disco, and we can have discolored, or disco fever. also i like disco station disco, but cannot think of a matching scenario. or hey, two discos on a date and 'disco deewane'.

Renovatio said...

Dude, I don't get that line. Why's it pissing off SCs and STs. I mean the movie's got freaking Madhuri Dixit, how can ANYTHING be wrong with it. Gah.

Also, how many episodes of 30 rock's second season are out, I hate waiting a week to see an episode, I like getting fivish in one go.

Art said...

I remember the word "magaa" from when I was in Bangalore and there was this song which went "magaa, magaa, magaa."

Pri said...

reno: i think like 5 episodes.

art: aah. i've never heard of it. im sure it was lovely.

anon: ooh i like the disco deewane idea.

ravi: the pri who blogs at the bollywood fashion blog is actually a different pri.

nikhil: aich. sillak smitha. wattay wonderful idea.

bikerdude: en beda! ranch or no ranch it'll still have that weird accent.

lavidaloca: disco raja i like muchly.

ramsu: yes. if only i knew how to put jewellery on him.

Ravi said...

Oh that case I'm sorry mam..its a case of mistaken identity!

Take care..

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