Thursday, December 27, 2007

Something about strange old men on discussion panels and marathi slang and entertaining my virtual fish.

Disco be feeling sad. His attempt at friendship was unsuccessful.

Also Disco be confused. I explained to him what a no ball is. He thinks they suck. Especially wicket taking no balls. [Zak honey, we know you know so keep that foot behind the line]

Then i taught him something fun i learned a couple of days ago from this fool with the hairy thighs and he's been giggling since. Apparently the Marathi version of ABCD is "aga bai, chaddi disli" which means "Oops! I just saw your underwear" which is what you're supposed to say everytime you see someone's crack. We think it's quite brilliant.

Also who still says "talking to you" when you ask them what they're doing? That is SO 1992. Also you called me fool so if you have nothing to say and i'm trying to make small talk just answer the damn question until a sufficient amount of time has passed and you can pass the phone onto your sister.

My toes look very pretty today. Just thought you might want to know.

Who's doing what for new year? Go ahead. Make me jealous.

p.s. Is anyone watching the test on sky sports or on some internet site that's broadcasting the sky sports coverage? I ask cause there's this one desi unclejee who's part of the discussion panel. Never heard of the man. He reminds me of a professor. Very serious. He discusses cricket like he's discussing physics. Very propah. Way more English than the other Englishmen on the panel. One of those people you feel like force feeding alcohol to not because you're kind and generous with your alcohol but because they really seem like they could use it. Lighten up fool although it is fascinating to watch him speak. He pauses after every two words. Says "i suppose" and "one would" and "particularly" and "typically" a lot.

Clearly we're bored.


Nikhil.S.Kaundinya said...

jan1st- hydraulics and pneumatics end sem exams...!!:( :(
hange namma new year...!! :( :(

khal said...

Dec 31st...spend in Hawai adda, then airplane. Arrive in US bang during rush hour. Go home, Plonk onto bed. Snore. Wake up next year.

Jealous yet? :)

Anonymous said...

why is disco 'he' (his attempt at friendship...), if he/she is at mcc??

khal said...

Umm... what is the MCC??

(Cue for Ekta Kapoor moment...)

(thunder and lightning)

Camera pans slowly to Pri's face, eyes wide open, green contact lenses. Too much makeup, gold jewelry, gajra (? perhaps) red sari with gold border. pallu draped over arm, posing like "Garden" model)

(Pri's face flashes in from left)

(Pri's face flashes in from right)

(thunder and lightning)

(Pri's face flashes in from left, camera at 45 degrees angle)

(Pri's face flashes in from right camera at minus 45 degrees angle).

relevant sound effects (violins?)

Anonymous said...

LOL @ a.b.c.d.

I will be painting the town red if i ever find my voice back. aargh.

Pri said...

@nikhil: aiyyo paapa. all the best.

anon: you're thinking of a different mcc where male species aren't allowed. disco's at the melbourne cricket club, you know to watch the cricket and cheer for dada.

@anon with no voice: beta why yuver need voice for do the party?

@khal: i hope you get stuck next to an inquisitive auntyjee who wants to marry you off to her daughter with hairy arms.

khal said...

Hey, you know that disco should not be sad no more. Maybe someone wants to make friendship back with him? (her?)