Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Apparently it's everyone's huttida habba today.


Happy Birthday in no particular order TO:

Yuvraj Singh
My ex friend's [wahat the bitch wont talk to me] ex boyfriend R
My ex friend's ex boyfriend R's dad
My baby cousin [she's probably a teen now] who dresses like a hooker thanks to mommy dearest with no taste.
The future Yuvraj Singh jr aka Yamraj Singh [it's all about the timing Soupie. Plus if R's dad can do it so can you]
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p.s I asked for links bitches! Email me.

Also raise your hand if you're over disco.


Scribbler said...

you forgot sharad pawar! heh!

La vida Loca said...

nonononooonononononoo disco is good. keep comin up w/ funny disco names

Richa said...

Panic at aquarium or panic among disco's fans?

Don't do it.I love watching discos. *sob, sob* Pleaseee don't kill disco. I will be a good girl.I take the responsibility of feeding him too...Pretty please, cherry on the top please...

CrazyDiamond said...


Pri said...

crazy diamond: disco's my fish fool. you barely know him. how can you be over him?

Ambooj Tiwari said...
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Ambooj Tiwari said... you know who SRK was mimicking in that OSO Thaiger/naaati Pooossy/Mhaind Ithhh scene? Was it Rajni?

Pri said...

rajini? yeah maybe in his head.