Monday, November 26, 2007

this is why one must never agree to go watch a movie gaysin has recommended.

i have just spent the last two hours watching the most annoyingly optimistic orphan child try to locate his missing parents through the power of music. the little shit claims to hear his imaginary parents' voices which along with other wonderfully melodious worldly noises eventually help him become a famous musician [like for an hour] thereby bringing together an entire town and his parents after eleven long tragic years.

one night on a roof top eleven years ago annoyingly optimistic orphan child's parents fell madly in love after hearing robin williams dressed for some reason like amitabh bachchan in jhoom barabar jhoom play the guitar while roaming the streets with other hobos and they proceeded to have this deep fascinating conversation.

baby mozart's daddy: "so, what is your story?"
baby mozart's mommy: "i don't know. i'm.............. just me"

after this soul stirring dialogue and some staring at the moon, the two kiss and voila the girl is now sperminated with musical genius fetus, only the two never see each other again because of the girl's evil scheming father. so it's now up to baby mozart to bring them all together........through the power of music. gahhhhhhhhhh!

baby mozart decides to escape from his orphanage sadly leaving behind his favourite spooky wind chimes only to meet yet another 12 yr old wannabe musician who befriends him in exchange for a pizza. turns out his new friend works for robin williams who gasp is the evil villain. baby mozart has to escape one more time. this time he meets little girl squeal-a-lot who introduces him to a priest who decides baby mozart needs to be in music school, where after a single listening they decide to let him perform in front of thousands of people and this is where the little shit meets his parents, not without lots of crying and drama and slb style running and orchestra music of course. gahhhhhhhhhh!

of course gaysin enjoyed the movie tremendously and recommended my mother and aunt see it at once!

and to think i could've been watching this movie instead which i'm still planning to watch by the by. i'm sure i'll live to regret it but we're destined to meet, this movie and i, just like baby mozart and his parents.

p.s i have a terrible feeling this movie is going to be remade in hindi. please god, don't let it happen.


CurlyGirlie said...

Pls to be telling name of movie!!

khal said...

Who would be perfect for the Hindi remake?

Jeetendra, Jaya Prada and Baby Guddu (with short hair to make her look like a boy).

Oh wait. Its 2007 now.

I need to update, don't really watch that much bollywood since I got here. (sigh) :(

Pri said...

curlygirlie: august rush. pls to not be rushing to see this movie.

khal: there is no excuse to not watch bollywood! everyone needs their share of bollywood.

once again said...

gaysin is repeatedly disappointing me.


The Bride said...

so it's gaysin now is it?

Renovatio said...

Is there anywhere other than the head to get a concussion? I'm honestly curious.

La vida Loca said...

totally irrelevent to the post but...what will be your next fishy's name? disco ninajji?
just wondering :P

I love Lucy said...

So the wondrous cousin is getting featured in your blog again!
Nice ya,I like.Reading about his exploits I mean.

I love Lucy said...

And LOL at la vida loca's comment.
*Laughing my head off*
And same to same as Renovatio.Pliss to answer.

khal said...

Re: renovatio's queshchun

I think getting kicked in the balls probably gives you the same dizzy feeling as having a concussion, no?

Ramsu said...

For all you know, they've made it already and August Rush is the remake. Khal, I wouldn't be surprised if there was indeed an old Jumping Jack movie with this plot that few people saw.

But if they haven't made it so far, it's sure to happen now. For all you know, it will be called Jhoom 2. Abhishek and Priety can be the parents, and AB can bring out his costume again. God, kill me now!