Friday, November 23, 2007

gay cousin who doesn't know he's gay yet - thanksgiving edition

gay cousin who doesn't know he's gay yet recently moved house. part of the reason apparently was his want to decorate said house. he did a decent job. but just because three people told him that, he now wants to go to school to be an interior designer. he's not THAT good. i dont know how to tell him.

other things i dont know how to tell him:

he rolls his eyes way too much. it makes me dizzy.

he has got to buy longer shorts.

THAT blue is not his colour. THAT blue is no one's colour.

i dont think that srilankan dude is into him. in fact i doubt he's even gay. no gay boy could possibly wear those pants. the thing had pleats.

talking about the srilankan dude, mother introduced me to him four times. it was embarrassing. for everyone.

gay cousin who doesn't know he's gay yet cooked the thanksgiving meal today. all by himself too. it was decent. the chicken was bland but at least he didn't try to make turkey. desi people cant cook turkey. i hate it when they try. by the by the other day we had turkey at the office thanksgiving potluck. it was horrideous. so was the sweet potato thing. and the corn bread. i ate bread butter and carrot cake. yes, a vegetable cake was the highlight of the meal for me. white people cant cook. it's so sad.

back to gay cousin who doesn't know he's gay yet. he wants to go watch a hindi movie this weekend. i told him his options. his eyes lit up when i said john abraham. so we're probably going to go watch dhandhanaadhan goal. speaking of which how much fun is that song?

note to self: one more day of work and then three days off! i can do this. deep breath.


Broom said...

but that's why he should go to school, so he can better!

my white girl can cook! :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

i am craving cake. i tried to be all good and pass on the cake at a thanksgiving lunch yesterday. and now all i can think of is that slice! aargh!

by the by (ugh) the music in your sidebar has improved muchly!

La vida Loca said...

seriously he doesn't know? or is he not "out"..just wondering...

Pri said...

@tgfi: the music in my sidebar has always been fantastic! always!!!
and girl make some cake. like out of a box. and eat with chocolate ice cream. mmmmmm.

Anki said...

crappy crappy crappy crappy movieeee
sigh atleast i didnt pay for the ticket or popcorn

rads said...

hehe, Ive so missed these editions. :D

o, btw, totally changing eye candy topic here, but saw Saawariya yesterday, this Kapoor Jr kid has a cute butt after all! - in the brief 1/2 second the towel falls, for which the movie got rated R etc etc.

Renovatio said...

Not that movie. Oh hell no.

Ambooj Tiwari said...

A couple of unrelated things here but I just thought a single post should be good enough to cover multiple comments

First...thanks for updating on Gaysin (the nickname was conspicuously missing from the post, so I thought I'd probably attend to that oversight, on your behalf)...I had plans to inquire about him (though for no heinideous intentions as you might be wondering/dying-to-wonder-about) in a totally unrelated post but you seemed to have saved me of the digression! But it seems from your post that all's well in his world and pretty soon (unless more than three people tell him otherwise) we will have a gifted interior designer amongst blue shades!

Secondly...Thanks for Om Shanti Om post....made me get up and watch the movie...rather interesting, but specifically loved the Murugan part (like any gullible Delhiite, I have been convinced by my rather mischievious friends that something like that really happened in some Rajnikant movie)...error, I think now that I really liked the movie!!!

Pri said...

@renovatio and anki: really? is it that terrible? look i need you to be honest with me. really. this is very important. no matter what u say i will still go watch it but i need to know. that bad?

@ambooj tiwari: you know im really glad my post has encouraged all these people to go watch oso. okay two people but the thing is almost every review i have read has been on the fence about this movie. everyone said sure its entertaining but its over the top and the second half sucks. but not me. i loved it. from beginning to end. and as a fan of the film it was my duty to inform everyone else. thats all. and you're welcome. and welcome back. and why have you abandoned your poor blog?

Renovatio said...

I wasted an hour of non-sleep writing about just how horrid it was. I get the feeling more people will want to go see it after reading about just how abysmal it was.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

i went to the seven-eleven across the street but they didn't have no cake-mix in box. i also haven't figured out this oven in my apartment. what a shame.

Anki said...

He he its hilariously bad... bipasha is useless n thinks her job is only to hit on john n not do her pretend doctor duties... n wait till u see the terrible special effects... the football field is fluorescent green

n it goes on for 3 hours!!!!!!!!