Sunday, November 18, 2007

from me, with love...

dear nbc,

i appreciate your thoughtfulness in providing your viewers free online episodes. however each time there's a commercial the screen goes back to its regular size which means i have to manually click the full screen button, which means i have to stretch. now i have nothing against stretching but really when i'm relaxing on my couch i don't want to have to unnecessarily elongate my body and since there is no such thing as a laptop remote [or is there?] i highly recommend that you fix this minor technical difficulty so we can all go back to uninterrupted 30 rock streaming.

dear anil kumble,

congratulations! i know this is a strange time to have made you captain and i know you weren't first or second choice and i know not everyones thrilled with this decision but i know you'll give it everything you've got and i want to wish you all the best.

dear cd thief,

the windows are down bitch! and it's raining!!!

dear mummy,

i realise your sister is coming to visit and i realise your need to clean the house obsessively but I've watched you all day and i know for a fact that you have vacuumed and dusted every single spot in the house and it's all pretty and shiny now so you can stop. really. please. the noise from all the vacuuming is giving me a migraine. and i don't even get migraines.

dear bandolino,

thank you for doing what you do. i think i might be in love with you.

dear soupie,

i had to find out from kb about your little french trip. i am outraged!

dear kb,

have i told you how pretty and talented you are? how soon can you make me that pink kurta?

dear disco, disco 2 and disco shanti [um this may not apply to you right now but it will tomorrow]

i'm sorry you all had to die so tragically but it is in the nature of fish to die after three earth days. know that you are missed. know that you are irreplaceable. um ignore that last part. just know that you are missed.


Anonymous said...

your Mommy darling is same-to-same as my mommy-devil; difference is I don't have a choice of "watching" her clean ; I can be either out-of-the-house or inside-the-house cleaning!

I liked disco2 u should have not killed her :(

AND CD thief is a lady? No way it has to be a bastard!

Preeth said...

Freakin funny.that cd thief bit specially.

Aside: Hey, when its cold,dark and windy on a Sunday evening, is there anything one can do to keep up the sagging 'trow is Monday' spirits? Ok ignore the question. I know what u'll say - go watch 30 rock streaming :)

soupie said...

It wasn't meant to happen like this. I only told mathasri and pitashri when I was on me way.
Thought of you a lot on the trip. Especially while I climbed the Eiffle. I do think you would have insisted on an AutoRiksha or a lift in its absence.
And you still love me don't you??

La vida Loca said...

nimma(ninna?) blog is tumba funneee

KayB said...

awwww im highly honored. meet me for a day and the kurta will be yours in less than 24 hrs! (bottom not included)

when did my 1st husband become captain, he never tells me anything after i cheated on him!hhhmmpppfff

??! said...

Somebody went to Paris? Hmppf...I want crepes!!

TS said...

Oh, how I love you Pri.

I wish I could be this funny and spiteful at the same time.

Pri said...

@VeenS: i did not kill disco 2. it died of natural causes. also we were never sure if it was female.

@preeth: im glad u find the case of my missing cds and my rain filled car humorous. and usually sunday nights i watch desperate housewives or brothers and sisters when they havent been cancelled to broadcast the american music awards. and to answer your question there's nothing you can do to prevent the ugh tomorrow is monday feeling except maybe to look forward to an excellent night of sleep and your morning coffee. maybe go shopping during the weekend so ull have something new to wear to work. that seems to work for some people. i wouldnt know any of these people but ive um heard that it works.

@soupie: wait it's a wonder of the world and they never thought to install a lift inside? what about people in wheelchairs and skaterboys? dont they deserve to reach the top? and the answer to your question would depend on the answer to mine. "watubotfome?" think my daddy voice.

@La vida Loca: u must be reeeely bored missy.

KayB: meet u for a day? u mean like online? or r u sending me tickets? ill bring u more vintage tees if u r. sounds fair? and about your husband, it happened recently. it wasnt a big news item for some reason.

@??!: what no exotic crepe recipe in your blog archives?

@TS: awww you always know the right thing to say. now what do you really want?

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