Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Suggestions wanted. Exciting prizes available.

Will someone please teach me how to cross words out on my blog. I promise i wont overuse it. Oh who am i kidding? But teach no please.


Now taking suggestions on what to call the comment section instead of plain old
"_ comments".

So far i have: _ said

"stfu u crazy betch"
"entha hotness"
"heeeee u silly girl u"
"um watever we don't care"

If your suggestion makes it you win a virtual hug from the blog owner and free fashion advice.


For your entertainment

I received the following scrap on orkut - "Ms Meena! Ms Meena! Ms Meena.! now u r thinking that who is Ms Meena? arey yaar I m just asking u that u miss me na?

Zindagi ko khushiyon ne pukara hai, sada muskurao aap ye sandesha humara hai, phool khilte rahe jeevan me aapke, kaanto k liye daman humara hai..

Dosti yakeen par tiki hoti hai, Ye deewar badi mushkil se khadi hoti hai , kabhi fursat mile to padhna kitab rishton ki . DOSTI KHOON KE RISHTE SE BHI BADI HAI.

give me answar: ager aankhin milne ke baad 2 aur 2 = 4 hoon jate hai to to 2 dil milne ke baad 1 kyu ho jate hai ..............Repaly me with a solid reason ....... its a chelling for u"


Sharma's Karma said...

i vote for entha hotness

The Nomad said...

me likes wateetees!! (reminds me of Cyrus Broacha in some funny ad.)

shub said...

<_strike_>word <_/strike>

without the underscores

Rebellion said...

Answer you got already! Loved the entertaining part of your post. hehehe :D

Karan said...

Whateetes. I liker.

rj said...

Whateetes is nice...

i telling you it was chillinging to select from the aaptions..

lord mc fuk said...

how abt

"vat ra?"

"vat da dai?"

"vat you talking men?"

but if to chose from ur suggestions, i'd say

"stfu u crazy betch"

Karan said...

Oh, i likes what ra also

Indianoguy said...

I like "vat da dai?"
or try "Sollu da"

If I have to choose from your list!..I say..
"um watever we don't care"

Janefield said...

wateetees gets my vote! it was my fave line a while ago!

Twisted DNA said...

Looks like you already got the answer for strikethrough. You could use < strike > or < del >. Either should work.

For comments:
_ people couldn't control it
_ pearls of wisdom
_ marked the territory
_ had nothing else to do
_ people made my day
_ people love me

Su said...

get windows live writer for heavens sake. its awesome and works really well with blogger. it has all the cool features in- built including links that open in new windows.

btw, i love your entha hotness phrase :) very cool it is