Thursday, August 30, 2007

I check out my new neighbourhood [because really what else does one do when one doesn't have a job?]

My first stop was starbucks where i was not very impressed. First of all the dude didn't know how to cut a straw. [oh i make them cut the straw for me if they're out of small straws] For some reason he tried to cut it with a knife and it looked all poky and i really don't appreciate particles of plastic floating around in my coffee. Then there was his lame attempt at a conversation which there was absolutely no need for because i had already made conversation with the lady who took my order. I mean sure there's the uncomfortable silence while he's making the coffee and i just stand there staring but really its just coffee, the time will pass quickly.

So he goes "How are YOU doing today?"
"Good, You?"
"Just good??"
"um yeah"
"Well you should get prepared because you're going to be very happy soon"
"cause i make my coffee with an extra shot of luurve"


Next i checked out the nail/hair salon. It was pretty decent except i got stuck with this really old Vietnamese man who suffered from OCD. Therefore i was treated to THE longest pedicure in the history of the universe. I'm not complaining. In the time it took to get me cuticle-free I discovered the latest skin care secrets courtesy the magazine rack. Did you know sunscreen and sunblock were totally different? And did you know washing your face more than once a day is not really required? something about washing away the skin's natural oils.. I also got to catch up on the latest celebrity gossip. There was so much i didn't know. Its been a while since i checked Perez Hilton. In fact the last time i visited that site was the last day of work.

Talking about work i had a phone interview today that went fairly decent. Cross your fingers. I kinda miss working. I never thought I'd say that but its been just over two weeks since i quit and now I'm bored, especially without Directv. sob.

After my ridiculously long pedicure i went to the local giant sized grocery store [I'm always afraid ill get lost in the maze of organic food and shampoos. They do have a lot of shampoo, again not complaining. I've always had this thing for shampoo] where I spotted my first cute desi boy who for whatever reason had brought his entire extended family to the store.His grandmother [or his incredibly old mother] was very excited to see the toy machine, like audibly excited.

Oh and they have this India/Pakistan section at the giant store and i found a Cadbury dairy milk fruit and nut bar.

I wasn't completely useless today. I cooked. I mean i attempted to cook. I make mottai curry [which was horrible] and chapathi, from scratch. I love the smell of fresh chapathis, with oil and all. I'm South Indian. I don't do the dry rotis. When i was a kid i ate my chapathi with Bournvita. Delicious!

Alright i gotto go eat my dairy milk and watch regular cable now.



The Bride said...

Oooh read this while eating cadbury dairy milk fruit and nut (which I just bought after trying for two second not to eat after-lunch chocolate).

What is this mottai curry business?

Also did you scrap me on orkut as someone called Sri?

Pri said...

mottai = anda

and no that wasnt me. i forgot i was supposed to scrap u.

okay i just did.

Sanju said...

You bet!!!
Fresh chapathis really smell great.
Ever tried eating chapathi with Puliogare Gojju or Sakre tuppa?? Great combi too...

Anonymous said...

why can't they keep a pair of scissors at the bar? invariably they run out of the smaller straws all the time!!! even Seattle's Best! have you tried that out? their white choc mocha is awesome too!!!

Ph said...

This is where all the Bangalore people are at. Now I want chapathi and sakre thuppa. :(

Brown Magic said...

i have been meaning to express my condolences for your loss of directv, but as it often is in times of such bereavement one is at a loss of words.

Your spirit and courage to carry on are an inspiration to me. When I think of how horrid it would be to lose my precious DVR... I...(sniff sniff)..I am sorry, I lost my composure there for a second.

Just know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. as is your dearly departed directv.

Brown Magic said...

loss for words*

luurve juices said...

bwahahaha @ the extra shot of luurve!! wat did the extra shot of luurve consist? whipped cream??

the priest said...

i recollect ur attempt at cooking mottai curry. the last time u made it was when u burt it. it happened coz u missed the sunday morning mass, remember??

TS said...

F, lots to catch up on.

Karan said...

Ok, bournvita with roti? Really?

the wannabe indian punkster said...

I still cannot get over the fact that you are managing to survive without Direct TV. I totally second brown magic here, I hope you can find a replacement fast enough. Life without my digital cable or my TiVO seems empty, meaningless. And I mean this in all sincerity. I am the biggest TV addict around, I need my digital cable! And with fall just around the corner, and all the new seasons, and the new shows, lord.

I don't know how you do it, I really don't. In the meantime, I will join hands with BM and pray for your loss.

the fashion life said...

a vietnamese man did ur pedicure???? heheheh!!!!

how was de coffee with de extra shot of luurve????????

the fashion life said...

a vietnamese man did ur pedicure???? heheheh!!!!

how was de coffee with de extra shot of luurve????????

Ashwin said...

daaang! I always thought motti curry meant chicken curry :|

"cause i make my coffee with an extra shot of luurve"

Hahaha! I didn't know people actua;lly said things like that

Bikerdude said...

Chapati with bournvita eh? that explains a few things.

I totally agree that those silly phulka things pale in comparison to good old oily-oily chapatis. Please come and explain this to my mother no?