Saturday, August 25, 2007

3 day mourning

so first the bad news.

i had to end my relationship with directv. nope it was not the sucky customer service people. it was because there was no place to install the dish. apparently if we were to install it on the balcony there would be no signal and the bitch in the office wouldn't give us permission to install in on the roof so yeah no directv. i went to my room and sulked. mother asked me if id like to move to an apartment facing the right way so we could install the dish. i thought that was sweet of her to even offer. but can you imagine moving again? nope. ill have to manage with regular cable. yes i said it. regular cable. omg someone hold me i think i might have a panic attack.

you know why it was so important to get directv? because they're the only people who provide ndtv here. i mean we also get the other desi channels but really ndtv was all i watched, and mtv desi but they took that away. i want to be able to walk in the house, switch on the tv and sit on the couch and hear a desi accent you know and listen to how hot or rainy it is or what happened outside salman khan's bungalow or whatever. i like listening to post match discussions and how we sucked and how dravid needs to go or whatever. i mean i realise there's the internet but the tv is different you know. its like right there and its big and it just feels like home when its on.

i hate switching on the tv and watching the local news, with those anchors in their ugly bright red suits that only news readers in the US wear and their perfectly bouncy hair and makeup, talking about some lame local issue about the bird park or some shit. i don't care damn it. i want to see MP's fighting. i want to watch 'night out' and 'we the people' and all those other shows. i want to hear the local reporters in different cities read the newspaper headlines. that's mother's favourite part too. she giggles when the girl from Hyderabad is on, or the man in Srinagar. and i like to watch the ads, the reliance ones and the hutch ones.

it just makes me feel closer to home that's all. is that too much to ask?
damn u apartment people.

oh and there is no good news in case u were wondering.

i hereby declare a 3 day mourning.

also earlier today rbr's pet squirrel died tragically. and he like just adopted it. it had been left abandoned on the road. so yeah anyway it died this morning. poor spooky. may your soul rest in peace. also while you're up there will you ask bob woolmer what really happened? i'm dying to know if all my theories are right and everyone else seems to have forgotten about him.

lets make it a 5 day mourning. okay? okay.


impersonator said...

i was gonna tell u again that u really need a boyfriend, but the sudden demise of spooky has left me shattered.

may his soul rest in peace.

Pri said...

wat it be this boyprend u spik of?

Janefield said...

u poor thing! i'm yr soul sistah in the ndtv dept. and i live in des. will gladly give u regular updates on desi nooos n views.

for now, sallu is getting attacked by mosquitoes in jodhpur jail and his cellmate is his old cellmate of 8 yrs ago. the cellmate is a murderer whose friend was interviewed by the media. the friend claims the murderer is a very nice person. guess murderer and sallu are gonna bond bigtime.

RIP spooky.

p.s. chang got voted out. sob. alisha also sobbed. and gifted him her cap which didn't fit him. it was soul stirring.

she also had a neckpiece that had 'AC' on it in diamonds. she must be hooked on p diddy of late. u must catch the vdo online. and how could u possibly be willing to miss the upcoming 'nach baliye season 3' with rakhi sawant and kashmira shah? sacrilege only. pls move to the right side of the building at once!

Indianoguy said...

You like 'we the people' likes it too..I think I am in love..Barkha dutt, makes my heart phuttar phuttar.

BTW, if you want to get Bill O'Reilly on FOX..he is insanely stupid and phunny.

Now, Where is your gym boy post?

sympathetic soul said...

do something im sure u can fix de damned dish somewhere!
and to u and rbr... did spooky die or runaway???
yesterday morning i was informed that spooky ran away.
may be rbr is in denial.his squirrel ran away, its very traumatic,he could be in depression, he may need help, talk to him pri.

Pri said...

@janefield: thank you for that update! :) im glad sallu has his old friend for company.

@indianoguy: barkha dutt? really? gym boy post should be up soon.

@ss: it ran away? he told me it died in his hand! hmmm u think it was running away and he tried to catch it and it got squished? that would be a horrible way to die no?

ss alias k.b. said...

oh my god... yes he may have accidently killed it.. like running over ur own cat while reversing. its horrible!!! im swarry rbr!!!

Krish Ashok said...

Super fast internet (wireless) = NDTV video clips online? No?

Su said...

the spooky meeting bob woolmer was too damm funny man :) You are such a riot you silly girl you

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's time to move back home.

Pri said...

@krish ashok: i have tried it. its not the same :(

@su: why have u been in hibernation?

@anonymous: maybe it is...

JAI said...

haha..when is spooky going to tell u?