Saturday, July 21, 2007

Unwanted commentary as i check out the boys on Cricinfo's gallery.

Dear Vangipurappu Venkata Sai Laxman,

You know you're a beautiful sight. I'm talking about your batting fool. So don't do things like getting out on 15. It saddens me immensely, especially when i have to wait for months together to see you in the middle. Promise me you'll play lots and lots more beautiful strokes [um run scoring ones of course, remember straight to fielder = 0] before you retire or they make you retire. Okay? Okay.


Muahahahahahaha Andrew Symond lookalike's name is Sidebottom. Muahahahahaha.

I have to admit if there's one cricketer who can pull off pink its Murali Kartik but did they have to go this far?

Anyone know when this fool plans to retire? No not you Simon Taufel. You we like. You we like a lot.

Um did Mandira Body set this field?

This reminds me of that one time just before the India Australia match at Chinnaswamy Stadium when we borrowed one kind uncle's binoculars and watched the boys stretching for the next half hour. Bliss!

Soupa this one's just for you. Your Gadduboy looks very amused but hai rabba waat eet ees his hallu? Maybe you should get Dritil the hot dentist to help him out. By the by did i spell Dritil right? Me thinks one would need really strong natural teeth to say Dritil. I can totally see someones dentures falling out as they attempt to say their dentist's name.

Talking about Soupie the poor thing said she has been trying for months to get tickets to the match. Former cricketer B [currently recuperating after surgery] promised he would get her tickets but gave haath. "Eediot fellow" as my dad would've said. And apparently you have to first fill out an application form online in order to buy tickets at Lords. Wtf?

How beautiful is this picture? Yes i know rain interruptions are never good but still its so pretty.

Look who's back y'all with rebonded hair and more crazy dancing!

p.s. I recently watched this movie 'Hatrick' and i have to say i was pleasantly surprised. It was more than decent.


oopi! said...

Hehee Pri you are the pits. As ususal I'm loffing hard!
Who eet ees the peice opposite murali karthik???
Nice very nice. He probably requires our partonage :)
Ummm about Gaddukins I think he requires more than a visit to the dentist.
Siiiiigh Help us god.
If only we wern't blind and weak in the knees for anything that welds a bat, bowls and feilds! (Only in First clas Kirkeet mind you!)

Pri said...

how do u manage to always misspell your own name? how? tell. how?
also the piece opp karthik reminds me of you tailor for some reason.