Wednesday, July 18, 2007

7 random factoids

I've been tagged y'all [by Miss Janefield] but im a little confused because the rules say 5 things but she did 10 so i figure ill do 7 cause dont they always have to be 7?

1. When I meet an incredibly rude person I always try to deduce why they are the way they are by checking for bodily signs. The first thing I look for is signs of pregnancy. If they pass that test I look at their clothes. If they're dressed badly it obviously means they have terrible taste which then makes it totally okay for them to hate me. If they're dressed alright I look for signs of ugliness. And most times it comes down to this. They're ugly therefore they're upset about this therefore they're mean. If they don't satisfy any of the above criteria I check for a wedding ring. Married people are always cranky.

2. Highlight of the day: B got part of her shirt stuck in the shredder today. It was very cool. She started screaming but no one would help her and apparently she thought she was going to die. Now I seriously doubt anyone in the history of mankind has ever been killed by a shredder. Anyway she kept saying the shredder needed to come with a warning. So I made one.

3. Since we're on the topic of office machinery I have to talk about my favouritest little gadget – the pencil sharpener. I recently discovered we had one in the office and its a great way to entertain myself. Now every time I'm bored I just open up a box of pencils and let the machine do its thing. The noise annoys everyone else but that's not the point. The point is actually nice and sharp and would make a fabulous weapon. There's just something about nicely sharpened pencils. I also love how they smell, very 1st grade pencil boxy which brings back fond memories. Sadly back then I always had pencil trouble. I could never get my pencils sharp enough and they were constantly breaking.There was this one kid in class, Rohan Kurien [i think] who was very cute and very neat and he always had perfectly sharpened pencils. He owned a table sharpener unlike me and I would borrow his pencils all the time. This was also a great excuse to talk to him. Yes I had crushes in the 1st grade and apparently I acted on them back then unlike now. I heard about Kurien again many years later when i was maybe 17 or 18. Supposedly he was a cricketer. Awesome! And last I heard [from a friend of his ex] he was a terrible kisser and she had to teach him how to kiss. Not so awesome.

4. I love pistachios. I just do. And I love pistachio ice cream. Sadly there's no good pistachio ice cream here which sucks. You know where you get really good pistachio ice cream? An Iyengar Bakery. It's probably one of the few remaining places that still sells Quality ice cream in that tiny cup with those tiny wooden spoons. Delicious!

5. I have a white skirt obsession. Every time i see a white skirt i have to buy it. Last i counted i had fifteen. Yes fifteen white skirts. Now to everyone else they look like the exact same skirt but i know the difference. Some are cotton, some are linen, some are a mix of both. They're different lengths of course and some are flowy and some are straight and some are flared but they're all very very pretty and you can wear them with everything and they make me very happy.

6. Ive always wanted to live in New york, in my own apartment. Ive never even been there and all I've seen of it is from television shows and movies but in my head its perfect. I know that its super expensive and the traffic is terrible but hey I've driven in Bangalore so i should manage. Its still something i really want to do. Maybe ill hate it or maybe ill love it but its definitely something i look forward to doing someday. Just me and my apartment. Oh it has to have this little mini balcony type thing where i can sit and watch the traffic.

7. I had a best friend and we don't talk anymore. We didn't fight or anything but we just haven't talked in so long and its really sad and i miss my former best friend. Call me.

I tag Bikerdude, Krish Ashok, Tanmay, Ashish and Free Spirit.

Now i take tagging very seriously so if you dont do the tag within the next 48 hours the Gods of the blogging world will be very upset and your blog will be ignored henceforth so i recommend you do it now.


The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

LOL @ highlight of your day.
you are att-tagged!

once again said...

:) pistachios !? :) why !?

and pistachio icecreame !? :)

Pri said...

@tgfi: blogger rule number 276 sub section 12b says "one cannot be tagged more than once a day."
send me a link to ure sicrit blog and i might think about it.

@once again: why not? and this reminds me u still havent done your last tag and that was a fun one since i made it up and all. DO IT!

Janefield said...

ahhaha!!! :D
there are 7 sins after all, so why not 7 random factoids indeed :P i love how you connected the pencil sharpening fixation to the crushworthy cricketer who doesn't know how to kiss. LOL!

15 white skirts eh?! Tres cool i say. there's something abt white no doubt. i remember owning a couple of white skirts back in the day too. i just hope u dont wear them with white shoes.

and hi5 on the NY+apartment dream. sighh..."new york new york is everything they say, and the only place that i'd rather be!" (lines from an old huey lewis song)

Janefield said...

oh, and can i have an invite to the rant space too? :D

Janefield said...

curious coschin of the day:

how did poor B survive the rest of the work day in her shredded shirt? :D

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

do my tag else there will be *no* sicrit blog. hmph

Pri said...

@ jaan e maidaan: the incident took place towards the end of the day when B normally takes her trash can full of paperwork to ze killer machine to shred.

The Bride said...

What about Master Shredder in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - didn't he kill somebody?

My favourite office thingie is my black stapler. I have had stapler wars with anyone who dares steal it off my desk (what kind of people steal staplers anyway?)

The Bride said...

What about Master Shredder in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - didn't he kill somebody?

My favourite office thingie is my black stapler. I have had stapler wars with anyone who dares steal it off my desk (what kind of people steal staplers anyway?)

Rebellion said...

ROFLLLL. Super hilarious Pri. You rock babes :D

Me too loved the way you connected the sharpener incident with your crush who's a cricketer who doesn't know how to kiss. not really awesome :P

Agree totalli, there's something about white. Me too love white. Its just so elegant & graceful :)

//"Married people are always cranky"
HEYYY! Thats mean! I'm married and I'm NOT cranky, not really :P Never to friends or strangers at least. hubby hi baat aur hai. He's the one to get me to the mess, so he does deserve it, right? hehehe :P

TS said...

Will do the tag over the weekend.


Pri said...

@the bride: (what kind of people steal staplers anyway?)

um I DO. u have obviously not studied this blog enough.
Death of the stapler

Ashwin said...

An obsession vith sharp pencils!!! She must be the vumpyre slayer!!!

I can't help it. I've been leaving really lame comments today!

Su said...

I totally get the pencil sharpened thing. A weird OCD thing :)
Married people. always cranky ?
Good one :) I'm married and cranky. But, I was single and cranky too.

The Nomad said...

Hey!!I LOVE the pencil sharpener. I had one as a kid and was telling someone in office about it the other day when she looked at me oddly .. he he. I loved sharpening pencils with it, I would happily oblige if someone in my class (I think it was 4th or 5th std) wanted me to do it for them too :)
Another thing I liked about it was the lil drawer in which all pencil shavings went. If you didn’t empty it for long enough, when you finally did, it all came out like a square of pencil shavings. I don’t remember what I did with them but they smelled nice and I liked them :)