Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Um I believe you have my stapler

So last evening B and I found ourselves bored and hungry (read greedy). I was telling B about our psychotic manager and his new found obsession with of all things a stapler! Just as I finished my story we heard the manager yell “This stapler rules”. That was it. We had lost it. We decided to do something about it at once! (We were also super bored) This stapler, we realised could be excellent bait. If we kidnapped it we could ask for almost anything in exchange for it. And so we did. We asked for potato chips. (What? I said we were hungry) Anyway we made this adorable ransom note and I placed it in on the manager’s desk. (I must mention here that B did a great job of distracting the manager. No no. She didn’t do anything inappropriate.) So anyway were still waiting for our potato chips to arrive but till we get them we have the stapler under lock and key. Oh and in case you were wondering this is just a regular stapler. It’s slightly bigger than the average stapler but supposedly it staples really well! Is anyone else reminded of that Milton guy from Office Space?

P.S. The image isn’t very clear but this is what it reads: “Bring five bags of Boulder chips or the stapler gets it”
We originally had said two bags but then we got greedy and changed it to five.
Oh and if you’ve never seen Office Space you can watch the stapler part here

Since it has now been more than 24 hours and there is still no sign of our chips we sent the manager this: Death of the Stapler - first warning

Edited at 9:37pm: Day 2 and still no sign of the chips. Death of the Stapler - second warning was sent to the manager. The stapler used in this video was not the manager's stapler.

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