Friday, June 29, 2007

See this is why i love WHAT THE BUCK.

p.s. So I thought i liked the title track of Jhoom Barabar Jhoom. I even made RBR illegally download it for me but then i watched the movie and the song would burst onto the screen everytime one of the characters said "Innit" which was about forty billion times and now im offically over it.


Neihal said...


yeah the track is played so many times in the movie its almost impossible to like anything related to it.

Shaad Ali disappointed me !!

rbr said...

umm err.. i appreciate u appreciating my "illegal" downloading skills...
but please DONT mention in online...

illegal movie/music downloader.

Indianoguy said...

Forty Billion times..Don't chu think you are exaggerating lil bit :D
I loved Big B's costume and dance steps.. I liked the way the songs were shot,especially "Bol na halke". You have to see it on big screen!. I wanted to see it again in theater, but we had only one show here :(