Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Driving in the rain

Certain moments from my life stand out more than others and every now and then i end up with these flashbacks that happen far more often than i think are necessary. One such flashback is of me driving in the rain listening to this one particular song on the radio. This was when Radio city was new and mostly commercial free. It was study holiday time which meant i ate, slept, watched TV and altered my study schedule [read: postponed everything as much as i could] every day. This incident must have happened a little closer to exam time because i had officially completed studying all the material listed under the syllabus for this one particular subject. As you can imagine i was overjoyed and so i decided to celebrate. I took my dads car out for a drive. It was raining and I've always loved driving in the rain and it helps that my Bangalore looks especially beautiful in the rain. So as i was driving this song starts playing on the radio and of course I'm overjoyed because for one i love the song and it was so perfect for that moment. The feeling of having completed something important combined with the smell of the rain, that song and just being by myself was so incredible that i remember it so clearly even now. Later that night someone broke in and stole the music system from the car so technically that moment was also the last time i listened to music in the car. My dad didn't think it was worth buying a new system for the car and so for the next few months until he bought the new car we had no music. It was terrible.

I still really enjoy driving to music mostly because I'm by myself and i can sing as loud as i want to. I drive a half hour everyday to and from work and i really enjoy this time...when its not snowing that is. Even when it is and the roads are icy i turn up the volume and sing along and it really helps me calm down and focus. I get happy or sad or motivated or energized or patriotic or reminiscent or emotional or giggly depending on the type of song that's playing.

Rain songs especially get me in a weird mood ... weird but nice weird. This is another one of my favourite songs. Its not even raining in the video, well i guess it is raining money. Its an ancient song and the threesome in the video are not very pleasant to look at but if you close your eyes the music is very pretty. Other favourite songs about the rain or in the rain are - Kaava kaava from Monsoon wedding which i cant find anywhere for some reason, Saawariya re taras dikhaaon and Katein naahin raat by Ustad Sultan Khan and this beautiful song which plays for some 10 seconds in Guru.


TS said...

I can't drive without music. And I can't not sing when music is playing. And I can't not shake my hands when I'm singing.

I think you get the picture.

Bikerdude said...

Youre right about even City market looking ethereal in Bangalore rain I say. Right now is awesomely awesome weather with the aforementioned climatic condition. Pls come back.Thanking you yours friendly.

shub said...

Been reading your blog for a while now (read : over a week) and I love it! :-) Or should I say 'louuu eet' And particularly enjoy the liberal kannada-slang splashes in the conversations you post :)

Ashwin said...

I can never figure out the exact volume at which I should be singing, neither in the car nor the shower, so no one outside can hear me.