Saturday, June 02, 2007

Aerosmith [post concert bitching]

So the Aerosmith concert just got over. I didn't go. BD was supposed to send me tickets to fly to Bangalore but those never arrived :(

Anyway these are the first reactions courtesy Karen.

karan: hi
priya: karen!
karan: i just came from the concert
it sucked
priya: wat???
karan: yeah they sang ALL unknown songs
priya: huh?
karan: They didn't sing their best songs
sadistic bastards
priya: oho! karen how many aerosmith songs do u know apart from 'pink' and 'dont wanna miss a thing'?
karan: they didn't sing Janie's got a gun
quite a few...
they didn't sing Crazy
priya: how was the crowd?
karan: they crowd was so irritated
priya: how much were the tickets?
karan: 1800/-
priya: how many people were there?
karan: lots
what a rip off no?
priya: yes
so sad
karan: and they got off stage before 10
and steve tyler kept saying "namaste" like a bitch about a million times which pissed me off even more
priya: bwhahahahaha
wow wat a disaster
ask for a refund
karan: yeah people were doing that there
oh, also we saw "celebs" in the crowd
Sunita Rao - she was so bored.. she walked out
but yeah, she looked nice
but she's aunty types
"Pari hoon main... Mujhe na choona" girl
priya: sunita rao looked nicee??
i love pari hoon main
karan: yeah, she didn't look like a bhoot.
priya: omg i have got to make RBR search for that song for me
karan: she generally looks like a bhoot
priya: heeeeeeee
karan: i think i have that song.
priya: with her snake bindi
and her snake hair
priya: u do? karen send no
i havent heard that song in soooooooooooooooooooooooo long
karan: we were so tempted to ask her from where she makes money now
priya: bwahahahahaha
y didnt u?
karan: coz she was with a gym boy man
he had BIG biceps
priya: karen why have u sent me this forward about finding this kid? who is she and why is she so important? even david fuckin bekham is looking for her! i mean there are other missing kids too.
karan: ohh
i sent for spam value
also, we saw the band of boys who were like losers
priya: band of boys? bwahahahaha
they're all failed tv actors no?
spam value anthe!
bitch send me the song
karan: yeah, they came in front of the NDTV camera and started singing their songs.
priya: that one boy used to be in kanyadaan - this serial i used to watch on sony. it was nice
priya: omg was vijay mallya there too ?
in his special box?
karan: 'coz they didn't get to go in the VIP stand
i don't know
priya: when we'd gone to watch enrique [can u believe we went to watch enrique?] mallya was there
in this special vip enclosed section
while we had to stand with smelly people falling all over us
i remember that concert because i had just finished my viva for my lame project that same morning
this was final yr degree
i was the girl yelling "i had more fun at my freakin viva mr iglesias"
there were so many boys shouting "we love u enrique..."
we liked to mispronouce enrique. we liked to call him "enreek"
did u see any other celebs?
upendra? bengloor models? rjs?
karan: oh, nikhil chinnappa
another attention seeker
priya: k
i cant stand him
i could never watch mtv when my dad was in the same room cause chinappa would always say something perverted
karan: oh, but I hoped to see Pashmina Barker
I think she's hot
We went for Nikhil's sisters wedding and Pashmina was there in a low waist sari
priya: who wears a sari to a concert?
karan: thu, no for wedding
priya: who's wedding betch?
karan: she wore low waist sari with bikini blouse
priya: oh heeee i must've missed that sentence
dont yell betch

And then there was Irbaz

Ir: ola
priya: enri?
how was the concert?
Ir: i didnt go, i cudnt be asked to stand in dust, sweat, with sticky gay lads
priya: heeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Ir: wud u go to the concert?
priya: sure i would
i'd go to any concert
i went to enrique
i went to bryan adams [not the second one]
i went to europhia
Ir: when he came with anna? i went to both bryan adams
priya: anna? like big brother? he only has a younger brother i think. he had this lame single. remember? the video was shot on some bus. wat's his name? oh julio iglesias jr i think
i went to this radio city 'search for the next big rock band' concert
i went to see antaragni
i love antaragni
Ir: oh they sing jingles now
priya: heeeeeee
really? so sad
there was this "mysore se aayi woh" song that i loved
Ir: hehe yeh
priya: that main singer's voice is so nice..

p.s Since the last post was about trees i have to show you this picture. I pass this tree every day and i giggle like a 12 year old because i think it looks like THE FINGER. So today i stopped and took a picture.

Also i'd like to dedicate what the tree represents to Aerosmith since they dissapointed Karen [and i'm sure all my other Bangaloreans] so much.


Irbaz said...

heeeeeeeee.. the finger wit bush in the background..

Kaushik Gopalan said...

Heh. The only memory I have of Antaragni is when they got booed off stage in one of those concerts. I liked 'Mysore se aayi' though, had to go hunt for it online as soon as I read your post.

InExile said...

for some reason these band of boys people are always hanging out with sunita .. wat chuts... u went to enrique ??? i mean u went to euophoria ?? i hope it was pre indipop euphoria .. at least they were fun then !!

Bikerdude said...

The concert was awesome. They played Jaded which is my all time fave song - so full paisa vasool happened off. what enrique shenrique and all I say compared to shrivelled old screaming 99 year old man. GOD he is. You follow?

aty said...

karan!!!! hehehe!!! i thought u would buy like all the albums of aerosmith with ure monthly budget... then like go to some a-z print all the songs byheart them and go? y dint u do it this time man???

Ashwin said...

Yes yes.... i heard from quite a few people Aerosmith didn't play any old numbers... so not too many people enjoyed it.

But... if someone's shelling out all that cash to go watch them play live, shouldn't they have listened to ALL their songs?

Purely Narcotic said...

Antaragini is now Raghu Dixit Project, maydum. CD baby selling CD and all.