Monday, May 14, 2007

Warning: This is a wannabe blog post

I have a new love ya’ll – tortilla chips. They’re crunchy without being overly crumbly with just the perfect amount of salt. People around the office have been eating them with some weird boiling cheese thing but I like mine plain. Mmmmm. *Pri thinks happy thoughts*
So did anyone do anything fun this weekend? I didn’t have to work this Saturday so I watched 3 movies back to back on the USA network which is not a channel I normally watch. Oh the joys of the TV guide channel!!! Let’s see I watched ‘Notting Hill’ for like the billionth time. Don’t you love the roommate guy with the artistic tees? And then I watched ‘Patch Adams’ which I had never seen before for some reason and then ‘Love actually’. I think I should watch ‘Love actually’ more often. It makes me hate people a little less. The little boy in it is just so darling.

p.s. I was just wondering [no real reason] if one can be arrested for dancing and driving?

I just ordered these super cute checks. You like?


Anonymous said...

U might want to be careful, u just gave out the routing no of ur bank and ur a/c no, priya.

Pri said...

Um that's not an actual check. It's just the design i picked from the website. And jeez do my posts make me sound that retarded?

Anonymous said...

ok, "Cheque" not "check"

Pri said...

Um cheque = British spelling and check = Amreekan spelling and being that i currently live in the Amreeka and work at a BANK maybe i should stick to the latter spelling eh?

Also i was just wondering, did my mother send you here oh kind anonymous person?

Anonymous said...

look at me .. im anonymous .... and im annoying

karan hairy mechanic
grease pit #112
peenya industrial area

The Smiling Girl said...

U tried those Tortillas with Salsa??? They are an awesome combo.. and Nachos is not bad as well.. :)