Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sunday afternoon bliss

The thing that's brilliant about drive-through Starbucks is you could wake up, find your sunglasses and car keys and be there in less than 2 minutes. You could still be wearing your blue pyjamas with the mice pattern on it [all the mice are wearing underwear on their heads for some reason] and no footwear and no one would know. You almost feel guilty when you hear the practiced "Thank you for choosing Starbucks, order when you're ready" and you giggle because the voice you're listening to had to go to work today and you didn't. Then you remember you don't have to go to work tomorrow either and you giggle some more. Then you drive home whilst listening to 'Hey mama' by the 'Black Eyed Peas'. You realise this is an incredibly happy song and you don't listen to it often enough. Then you get home and decide to write about this very exciting Sunday afternoon experience. You realise you're incredibly odd but you don't care because you have a holiday tomorrow and then you drink your very hot coffee through a straw and continue to procrastinate.


Bikerdude said...

Oh what a lowli blaag I say. I will continually and contemporaneously read off ewwry morn-morning.


Pri said...

aiyoo mutual blog admiration was happening same to same time ree. I read off your post about cantonment and all and full excitement bandbidthu. im leaving comments also left right and centre on some of your really really old posts. do u even get comment notifications?

Anonymous said...

How mean! U cant do this to people like us who had to work this Monday!
Wait till we get some festival here.. then we also will write posts like this! :P