Thursday, May 17, 2007

I'm missing half an eyebrow but its okay because the Black eyed peas gave me a free third eye. Also i think i might be like that lady from 'Medium'

only not as ugly and with better fashion sense and minus the terrible voice. Okay im not like her at all. It's just this dream i had. [Screw Blogger and it's word limit on titles.]

Bitch took my eyebrow.

I got my eyebrows waxed today. It wasn't pleasant. But neither is threading and that's not an option anymore since threading aunty moved. Inconsiderate whore.
Brittany attempted to thread my eyebrows the other day. She didn't do a very good job. Anyway today i left the salon feeling all happy. Then i got home and washed my face and realised she took off way too much towards the middle. I stared at my face for a while. It looked quite obvious. Then again i realised if i didn't focus on the middle of my forehead it looked alright.

The middle of ones forehead is where the third eye is located right? I recently discovered this song on my Black eyed peas CD. Its called third eye [i think]. But the mysterious part is that there is no record of the song anywhere on my CD cover. It doesn't even say bonus track. If i play the last track i hear "Lets get retarded" and right after that the mystery song starts.But it doesn't have its own song number and unless u listen to the whole CD u wont hear it. Isn't that weird? I wonder if its like a gift or something for listening to the entire CD. Its kinda nice the song.

I read this a couple of days ago and i checked out the author's website. Its funneh. And i remember watching that movie she made a while ago. I had liked it. So i called Borders today to see if they'd gotten the book and they put me on hold to go check. They said they had just received the shipment t but that it was still unopened. They promised to set one aside for me. So I walked in this evening and went straight to the counter to collect it. I felt very important. The lady was like "Oh yes i remember that name. We just got your book in today." And then she handed it to me. It was bright yellow. I liked it already. I'm super excited to read it now.

I had this weird dream last night well technically it was this morning. I witnessed a road accident in the dream. I didn't get hurt or anything but i witnessed it and i was sort of creeped out. Also it felt like it had just happened and then i woke up right away and had to get ready for work. And on the way i almost had an accident. My tyres screeched real loud and my bag rolled right off the seat and all it's one thousand contents fell onto the mat. I'm still missing my Burt's beeswax chap stick. Luckily i carry more than one. I can't not have it with me at all times. I don't know how i survived without it for 19 years.


threading aunty said...

sorry peeya... i had to move to india... there is a hell lot of sindhi hair here... there is this dude, karen ..... we waxed his chest the other day...... and we made a carpet out of it....

ill be back soon..

threading aunty said...

Oh, I also forgot to tell you about this totally retard we met that wanted to buy the carpet. He had some chep fetish for it. He even paid us a fortune. We're waiting for the sindhi boy's hair to grow again so we can make another fortune before we're back.

The sweet little fetish lad has also put us up in this small hotel called 'Airlines Hotel' (what a funny name no? esp. since the hotel is so old - they probably didn't even have airlines when it started)but we're considering shifting 'coz I think we'll go broke eating here everyday. Also, Bholu beta complains that the fetish boy stares at him wierdly at times.

Pri said...

@ threading aunty imposter: This lad with the real human chest hair fetish. Does his name begin with I and end with Z?

And who is bholu beta?

And the real threading aunty moved to Kulhifornia with computer engineer huzbend with nice long moustache and kids chinnu minnu.

threading aunty said...

The fetish boy didn't revel his name, but he did seem to have fake American accent... Presumeably BPO boy. Behaved more like a call guy with that carpet.

Anonymous said...

said the hairy , greasy mechanic, who listens to khaled - aicha ALL THE TIME

Anonymous said...

Bwahahahaha.. He even uses your come backs now pri..

Kaushik Gopalan said...

Your Stickam player thing rocks.

Man, kids are so smart these days. I didn't know anything when I was your age.

Pri said...

@Raobharathrao and Karen: Get a room ... preferably in Airlines.

@Kaushik ungle: Doesnt it? And i'm sure you didnt.

RBR said...

that aint pri's come backs.. thats mine .. i patent it...... just like americans patent yoga, basmati... and YETI!!!!!!