Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Soupie desperately wants a dog and Pri desperately wants to name something Fujitsu.

Soupie: Pri I really really want a dog. It’s all I think of. I already know what ill call him.

Pri: Ooh can we name him Disco or Fujitsu? Please?

Soupie: Um no but we will buy u a king prawn. (Which you will solemnly swear not to treat as potential food) and you can call him Disco.
We will also buy you a duck (since you so tragically lost one in your childhood) and he can be called Fikutsu.
My dogs name will be Gustopher.
I just thought of that horrible flying witch u bought when u decided to re-decorate your room. Hehee

Pri: No no not Fikutsu. Fujistsu .. u know like the Japanese brand. And what the hell kind of name is Gustopher?
Omg I had totally forgotten about my adorable flying witch. Did I ever show u the witch I got at McDonalds? I was trying to show it to u the other day and then u got all mad and started your lecture on why we shouldn’t give them business.

Soupie: it’s adorable. Officially Gustopher. But Gus really. I love him already.
He’s gonna be a golden lad or golden retriever. Were gonna be best friends. I know it.

Pri: Um okay. But remember my lifelong dream of having a goldfish in a bowl with a disco ball on top? Heeee I should so do that. No?

Oh by the by this is the free toy i got with my kids meal the other day. Isnt she adorable?


k.b. said...

priiiii i found a small disco ball... yipeee... i bot it to hang it in my car.. which i dont have now...damn life sucks

k.b. said...

ehhh i remember that witch it was soooo adorable... i was in love with it too..u were wondering to pay that much for a stupid toy....hehhe and i "assisted" you in shopping for it..hehhe

Anonymous said...

That bleeding witch never worked. Remember she had her own broom, battery operated but never ever worked.......
U also had radium starts on ur ceiling(never shone)
Cassets(never played)
Table fan into which chinku n me usued to sing into...heeeeeeee
ahhh pri's room!

soupie said...

pardon those spellings... really can you not have spell check on the goddam contens page....grrrrr

for soupie said...

soupie you have a serious spelling problem... you need help... there is nothing wrong in asking for help when you need it.. i will always be there for and will try to understand your problem.
love k.b.

Ashwin said...

I've never had a pet... except imaginary ones... I still do actually...

The witch *is* really nice!