Sunday, April 01, 2007

The usual Gtalk banter

Kavya: Ooh Pri did u know that Soupie's analysis shows that Coorgi boy has a girl friend?

priya: heeeeeeee
her analysis???
she's such a stalker!

Kavya: ya
she's obsessed..

priya: the other day she was telling me how Coorgi boy's sister or aunt or someone just left the country...all this just from his orkut scrapbook!

Kavya: u know how she can be when she's in love............
now she also knows where he works and hangs out

priya: oh by the by can u believe how close her chances were of meeeting Yuvi?

Kavya: omg yessssssssssss

priya: imagine if B had invited Yuvi over also to eat the prawn curry with potatoes and chicken [wat the hell kind of curry is that by the by?] at his place...

Kavya: My theory is that think B "loves" soupie
and he purposely saw to it that she didnt meet Yuvi

priya: hmmmm....after the meal Yuvi and Soupa could've gone to the balcony and made Yamraj
while B did the dishes....

Kavya: ess de reason why i think B hasnt told her is cause he wants to follow tamil muvi style

priya: heeeeeeeeeeeee

Kavya: he's going to tell her he loves her and wants to marry her

priya: she knows where who hangs out and works?
Coorgi boy?

Kavya: and then he's gonna attempt to hold her hand

priya: is he in the london sides?

Kavya: ess

Kavya: Coorgi boy no2
ess ess
no1 is in ur side

priya: thu theyre so ugly

Kavya: i lik no1

priya: not like my boy paah!

Kavya: not no2
oki which one of urs??

priya: no no
from my list of cute boys on orkut
Appanna Chetranda

Kavya: but urs is not true love like hers....

priya: sure it is!

Kavya: u dont stalk

priya: i do too!
Remember V?

Kavya: umm hehhehe ess ess

priya: and arjuna ranatunga or watever the fuk his name was

Kavya: maybe ur not that in love

priya: i am too!

Kavya: oooooooooooooooooo now someone's angry

priya: i do what is called mulitiscoping

Kavya: heheh
and im de pedo
all de boys i see are considerably enger

priya: the pedo?
u know im so putting this on my blog

Kavya: wat to do....i like boyish charm

priya: heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Kavya: Dont!!!!!!!!!

priya: now i totally am
esp after the boyish charm comment

Kavya: bitch dont spoil my reputation

priya: oho!
what reputation?

Kavya: ppl will stop introducing me to their younger brothers

priya: who reads my blog apart from u and soupie?

Kavya: hellloooooooooo
half de world does

priya: oho
i wish!

Kavya: atleast 1 person from each continent

priya: thats true
thats 7 people
although i doubt people on/in Antartica have access to the internet

Kavya: ppl in antartica have better things to do pri... like catching whales

priya: um sure

Kavya: yeahhhhh
to eat them

priya: someones been watching their national geographic
or animal planet...

Kavya: who doesnt know that???
wait. r there ppl living in Antartica???

priya: i dont know
i hear its too cold.

Kavya: isnt it uninhabited???

priya: like in england
and colorado

Kavya: no no its supposed to be worse

priya: u live in singapore
u dont know!

Kavya: well i sometimes feel cold too

priya: oho! like where? in the air conditoned bus you take to get on the air conditioned train to go to the air conditioned mall?

Kavya: i can go to eski bar... where its below 0 degress

This is where Karen appears: Now i have two gtalk windows open and im very confused.

karan: So i was telling you about the picture of me on the horse
my parents thought it would be a cool idea

priya: yeah its amazing wat parents think will make for good pics no?
i have a pic of me on a mettalic horse
copper or something
in the hot sun
im yelling cause the bloody thing was so hot

karan: bwahahahahahhaa

priya: not funny

karan: were u the type who was scared of the KidsKemp cartoon characters dancing outside?

priya: and i was wearing shorts or something.
no no
but Soupie once slapped a santa outside one such shop

karan: or the kids who were scared of the coin horse and car in airlines?

priya: it tried to fondle her i think

karan: bwahahahaha

priya: i cant remember too clearly

karan: holy shit. a santa?

priya: yeah
she is the fondeling sort though
i mean she is fondlable

At this point Kb thinks im ignoring her and she gets all mad

Kavya: Pri! Are u to be ignoring me? Who r u talking to? I need tatoo advice

priya: No no. go on

Kavya: i want to get a tattoo on my feet
a little one

priya: on ure feet? as in both feet?

Kavya: no no
just a small one below my little toe

priya: WAT??


Kavya: tell me wat to get
i want it not more than 1cm by 1cm

priya: an ant?
no. wats super tiny?
an amoeba?

Kavya: Huh? oki this is something i have to keep staring at for de rest of my life

priya: or u could just wear closed shoes...

Karen now announces it is going to lunch!

Karan: K, im going to lunch

priya: k, wats the menu?

karan: sindhi curry chawal with took

priya: heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
now wtf would took be?

karan: tiki/alu tiki.
u like?
you've never had sindhi curry chawal?

priya: i lowwwwwwwwwwww aloo tiki
its the only chaat items i am lowwing

karani: it 's not the chaat alu tikki types.
little different

priya: k
Karen i love that ure so sindhi!

karan: and i hate the 'chaat items' phrase.

priya: tell me more abt ure sindhi life next time ok?

karan: i'm not so sindhi.
trust me.

priya: in fact u should totally write about ure sindhiness for my blog
pls pls pls
does your family own a honda city?
pls say yes

karan: yes.

priya: heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

karan: but so does everyone else.

priya: perfect
do u have relatives in usa?
as in Ullasnagar Sindhi Assosication?

karan: but the sindhi-honda city relation is not like the maadu-reliance phone relation

priya: heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

*KB would like me to add a disclaimer here that she is not in fact a pedo. There. You Happy?*


Kavya a.k.a. K.B. said...

oki this is to straighten out all the things said in the chat
1)im NOT a pedo,
2)i know how cold it is in Antarctica and
3)that its inhabited only by sceintists and probably by people who enjoy freezing themselves.

Pri ur definately killing my reputation.... damn you.....

Ashwin said...

People have tatoos below their toes?


BELOW their toes?


Anonymous said...

ello miss pedo kb..
myshelf shanmuga.. aged to thrill[16]... [un]dressed to kill
cantakt me!
my hort beats... its says... K..........b.. k...........b

k.b. said...

sorry pri im taking over these set of kostchins. let me handle it...

@Ashwin: yes people have tattoo's under their toes or feet.. whatever... i want one below my toe...ON my feet.. its pri's fault for reading it as "under my toe"

@anonymous....which part of me saying im NOT a pedo didnt you understand???? anyways you sound more like a physcopathic manic, so im sorry i'd have to say no.

Pri said...

@Mr Shanmuga: Aich! Can i pliss be having ure number?

Anonymous said...

my number being..
988 sexy sexy sexy... sexxy sexxy sexxy sexxy one!

Karan said...

@Kavya: me M, 23, Sindhi.

Do I stand a chance???

@Pri: Lets see if this works. ;)

Ashwin said...



let me know how that goes!


J Escobar said...

im contemplating reading all your other blog posts. its slightly stalker-ish but who gives a shit!

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