Sunday, April 01, 2007

Apparently I'm now a professional photographer.

So i was enjoying my late Sunday morning slumber when i was rudely awakened by my mother.

ma: Get up ma fast fast
me:huh? who? huh?
ma: wake up wake up i have to leave in 5 minutes
me:so leave no!
ma: no no i have to give this film for printing but its not over yet.. take one photo of me fast fast
me: what? now?
ma: yes yes now.. here

so i take a picture of her whilst still in bed [she didn't realise i couldn't see a glasses/contacts on]

ma: now take full length photo. i want full saree to be seen
me: ugh. ok.. click click
ma: ok now one against white background [leans against the wall]
me: huh? why?
ma: i need no against white background for passport photo
me: um ma i think u have to get that done professionally
ma: wat? no need. they just take it on same camera and then they cut it in nice square shape. i can also do that no? oh wait i forgot to take off my earring. They want a picture with no earrings.
me: okay ma. its done. look your film has even started to rewind. can i go back to sleep now?
ma: aa aa ok ok. so lazy u r. useless girl.

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soupie said...

Why eetees not blogging anymore?
Lack of inspiration.. common preeks waddoi read every maorning now?