Wednesday, April 04, 2007


It’s been an uneventful day at work so far and I’m very bored. I went over to B’s box [it’s a cubicle but I like to call it her box] and wrote nonsense all over her business cards for a while. Just before that I painted my nails with ‘Me so happy with this colour’. Yes it’s a real name and I like to say it over and over again. Try it. Unfortunately I had put lotion on my hands right before I painted them and so they look really strange…like a mini oil painting or something.
I wish new girl was weird. But she’s normal and I haven’t found anything to hate about her yet. Boo hoo!
Gay cousin [who doesn’t know he’s gay yet] and aunty and maybe one other person are coming over tomorrow. I get to go pick em up from the airport at an unearthly hour. They’re going to stay over for 4 whole days and two half days. It will be very um interesting. So watch this space over the next few days for strange events and stranger conversations.
B just asked me if I wanted to run in a field of flowers with her. I’m worried she might be going crazy again. She’s also wearing black and white sun glasses and they match her black and white shirt. So see. It has to be true. Only a person going crazy would do that. Omg they’re playing ‘Right here waiting for you’ on the radio and people have started singing along. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In other weird news this week [that I learned from the television which is where I learn most things] this one lady got really sick after she ate her dog’s contaminated food. She seemed normal otherwise. The scary part though is that she totally reminds me of someone I know. Omg I think the mafia just walked in and no this isn’t a Greg Chappal joke. These two men are very large and they’re dressed in black and have strong accents. I wonder if something dramatic will happen. Can you imagine if it does and Richard Marx is playing in the background?

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Ashwin said...

Haha... you work in a really wierd office!