Thursday, April 19, 2007

Happy Baby Suri's first b'day ya'll.

Since im too lazy to write a real blog post you will have to make do with a mundane but super entertaining conversation.

priya: i started a new poll on our community

bharath: yeah i know. i also know uve been deleting some topics.

priya: only the ones that said mean things about our cricketers. i also delete random topics random people start. the 'pliss click here to enlarge ure penis' type topics so technically im doing everyone a favour.

bharath: yes u are. i appreciate it. when i delete my orkut a/c. ill transfer the community to u

priya:awwwww... virtual hug for u

bharath: lol
i love bangalore when it rains

priya: huh?
why did u randomly say that?

bharath: bangalore looks all pretty and nice when it rains. it rained last night. till 3 am.

pri: oh ok and i know!
have u not seen my tribute to bangalore in the rain aptly titled "my bangalore in the rain" on my album page?
omg theyre going to show shilpa shetty next on some amreeka news channel.
so cool

bharath: u know something
ur different

priya: wat? wtf does that mean? it better be in a 'ure adorable and hilarious and not lame like everyone else i know' type way.

bharath: ur probably the only nri i know who has not put a photo of themself next to some monument in america on their orkut album.

pri: um maybe thats cause there are no fucking monuments where i live.
also i refuse to pose near monument type things. its either with my friends when we're all colour coordinated or no picture.

bharath: lol
i like the Angethi pics
i love that restaurant!

priya: and for the last time IM NOT A BLOODY NRI

bharath: umm u are

priya: i live here TEMPORARILY

bharath: not in india
so u are non resident indian

i love Angeti. period.
i love that road
and the one next to it
and the one next to the one next to it and tivoli across the street

bharath: umm

priya: i seriously love tivoli

bharath: yeah

priya: its so much more than just an eating/scoping place
actually it was never a scoping place

bharath: wats ur fave thindi in airlines

priya: dosa
maddur vada

bharath: masala or plain

priya: with dry chutney

bharath: yeahh

priya: then kaaapi
followed by tea

bharath: wat?

priya: if we were there long enough

bharath: both huh?

priya: not always

bharath: expensive isnt it
lil expensive?

priya: soupie used to tell me that the kaapi and tea would mix in my tummy and id get bedi.
i didnt
who cares?

bharath: bwahahahahahahah

priya: dads money

bharath: hehehe
mean !

priya: wat?

bharath: i didnt spend dads money at airlines at all

priya: k
cause food was free for u?

bharath: yup

priya: thu

bharath: munde>?

priya: wat does it mean?

bharath: it mean bastard. did u call karen that?.
coz once he called me at 3 am
to ask me the meaning

priya: heeeeeeeeeeee
oh god
why have u given him ure number?

bharath: ummm..
we met there no..
so we had to take each others numbers
to co ordinate
i think u have my number too

priya:to CO ORDINATE????????

bharath: yes

priya: bwaahahahaahahahaha

bharath: to meet in airlines

priya: why would i have ure number?

bharath: coz all my mails have my number

priya: ohhh
ill call u when im in the mood to CO ORDINATE
which will be NEVER

bharath: k
good enough
did u have a cell fone?.. hutch or airtel

priya: spice
we used to call it spice bakra
cause spice to spice sms was free
so soupie kb and me used to send each other group msgs free
like 100s or 1000s of msgs a day especially during the last world cup. kb especially would send us messages saying "did u guys just see zak bending?" heeeeeeee.
my fingers were tired at the end.

bharath: lol

priya: this was like 5 yrs ago though
our bhel puri man outside college had a cell phone before i did

bharath: LOL

priya: i was very impressed and slightly jealous.
i think that was wat convinced my dad to buy me one

bharath: did he give missed calls to customer care?

priya: that and also the "wat if i get lost daddy?" line
why would my bhel puri man call u?

bharath: call me?
im not in customer care

priya: OH OK
if u say so
u have the voice for it.

bharath: voice for it?

priya: um hmm.

bharath: do i sound like amitabh bacchan?

priya: um no
and dude if i called a 1 800 number and amitabh bachan picked up i would faint but then i would collect myself and ask to speak with his son

bharath: heeeeeeeeeeeee

priya: who i would proceed to yell at for proposing to that bimbette and manglik [ a word i didnt know existed a year ago] aishwarya rai.
u think this conversation is blog worthy?
its pretty damn hilarious

bharath: it is

priya: mostly because of me
BE FUNNY. Do it for the readers.
wat would u do without ure daily dose of pri's humour?

bharath: so... ur in lovvings/dovvings with lil bacchan?

priya: i have been.
ever since i watched him on 'rendezvous with simi aunty'

bharath: yes i wud tie mummys cotton sari and hang myself

priya: pronounced RON DEZZ VOOZZ

priya: also on another episode i fell in love wth aman ali and ayan ali bangash. not both just the younger one.

bharath: is ayan the yengster?

priya: this was befor they became the white chikaankari work kurta wearing pop stars.
ess. hes chooooooo cute

bharath: can u call him nin ayan?

priya: sure i can.

bharath: do u know wat that means
nin ayan?

priya: duh! i remember watching the show with the two brothers and their mum and dad. mums a classical dancer and dads of course the famous sarod player

bharath: u REMEMBER tv shows?

priya: duh!
the tv and me go way back
u have no idea!

bharath: OK..

priya: so anyway i watched the show and i wanted to desperately become the family bahu [ for a week] and i rememeber asking my friend if he thought i was 'cultured' cause that was a word they used a lot on that particular episode.
and my friend went "bwahahahahahaha. cultured? u? "

bharath: are u cultured?
u called me a munde!

priya: and i was like " um i can be cultured and after tomorrow i will be cultured" since we were planning to go out partying the next day/night.

bharath: a cultured person does not call another person MUNDE. im cultured or a munde?

priya: k
ure a cultured munde

bharath: lol! goobe.

priya: k
k story time

bharath: ok

priya: one day soupie and kb and me and other random friends we used to hang out with in college were walking somewhere
and one boy [porki types] tried to put line for soupie
and he was like "yene gubachi mari?"
and we laughed so much
i had tears in my eyes
kb almost peed her pants
soupie didnt think it was funny

bharath: gubbachi mari

priya: cause gubachis are so small

bharath: sparrow baby

priya: and gubachi mari bere!

bharath: lol

priya: and soupe is ginormous
i mean especially in front of indian men
shes like twice their height
so it was hilarious

bharath: umm
how tall is she?

priya: i dont know

bharath: 7 feet?

priya: 5'9ish i think.
well in india its tall
cause most of the guys are like 5
also when she wears heels its scary

bharath: lol

priya: when she and kb walk side by side soupies arm rests comfortably on kbs shoulder

bharath: im not 5 feet tall.

priya: sure ure not

bharath: ahem?
u cant generalise laddat

priya: sure i can.
damn it i missed it.
the shilpa shetty thingy

bharath: she is hot isnt she?

priya: yeah
how did she become hot?
do u remember her from baazigar?

bharath: i know.. sudsuddelly

priya: she looked like a malyali hooker in it.

priya: sudsuddenly!!!!!!!!
i loww eet that word! i need to start using it again.

priya: her hair was like shaata hari.
sorry. hair. not hari.
now its gorgeous
how tell?

bharath: bwaahahahahahahahahahahaha

priya: how?

bharath: pantene pro v?

priya: i dont know

bharath: nirma shikakai powder

priya: maybe

bharath: ujala liquid black

priya: wtf is that?

bharath: i dont know

priya: ujala makes shampoo now?

bharath: i just made it up

priya: didnt they used to make whitening soap powder for clothes?

bharath: yeh hain naya ujala .. chaar boondo wala

priya: why can i not think of the bloody word?
detergent thats wat it is. and bleech?
how does one spell bleech?

bharath: bleach

pri: k

bharath: ur spelling is horrible.

priya: it is not!
i can spell betch
and dosa
and hooker

bharath: lol

priya: wat other words does one really need to spell?

bharath: u can also spll munde

priya: i know!

bharath: and bastardbitch

priya: i can spell a kannada word in english!

bharath: all the important words

priya: 'bastard bitch' i learnt from east is east
have u seen that movie?

bharath: nice movie
om puri no?
wat was om puris wifes name in it?

priya: i dont know
but im laughing cause i know he miss pronounced it throughout the movie
it was some english name [i think]
like in monsoon wedding that maduve party arranger guy Dubey calls the aaya "aaliss"
her name was alice.

bharath: yesss

priya: i heart monsoon wdding

bharath: me too

priya: it was my favouritest movie ever. That and Daud.

bharath: nice movie
i like the song

priya: that rahul idiot with the broke arm was so hot.
and i loved the music too.
one of my friends thought dubey was hot

bharath: company

priya: D
not company. company had that eediot vivek oberoi who aishwarya why should've married

bharath: who cares?

priya: apparently everyone at ndtv

bharath: its gonna be a long day today

priya: that is all they show on the bloody channel

bharath: 9:30 and i finished my work
i think ill go sleep for a while

priya: that and when theyre talking abt THE LATE bob woolmer they show the dead body in this yellow packaging being pulled and put on the bus.
im so sick of seeing that image. ugh.
oh ok.
how do u sleep at work?

bharath: put head on table
put book on leg

priya: oh like sleeping in class.
why book on leg?
put book on table
and head on book
watch out for lines on ure face though.

bharath: heheheheheheh
yeah laddat

priya: i always had lines on my face caused by book/desk/hand/other friendly objects when i awoke after the lecture but before attendence.

bharath: once i slept off with news paper
the head lines was on my forehead

priya: omg!

bharath: it was so wierd

priya: ure such an exaggerating munde
dont lie

bharath: im serious

priya: that could not have happened

bharath: wokay
ill sleep off now,

priya: k

p.s Sanjaya was voted off Idol tonight. [i just heard about it on the Jimmy Kimmel show. I dont actually watch American Idol. Okay fine i'd watch it if the timings were good but there's so much competition on tv these days and i like to be fair so none of my channels feel left out.]
So anyway be nice to all the weepy twelve year old girls tomorrow okay? Also think for a moment of gay cousin who doesn't know he's gay yet. The poor soul must be devastated.

Goodnite! Virtual hug for you too!


Karan said...


I sent e-mail, I didn't call.
I have proof.

Karan said...

Also, It's not only NDTV that is obsessed with the wedding - every Indian TV channel is.

Karan said...

Also, i found out the meaning before Bart told me. I googled it.

Karan said...

Oh, and I miss sleeping in class.

Karan said...

Also, Pri - i'm writing single line comments 'coz I know you want to reach the magical fogure of 293 comments.

Karan said...


The Bride said...

That was long... but good reading when you want to pull the ears of someone.

Just trivia: Out here they have a drink that is basically both coffee and tea.

The Bride said...

That was long... but good reading when you want to pull the ears of someone.

Just trivia: Out here they have a drink that is basically both coffee and tea.

Karan said...

See, even the bride is helping getting at the magical figure.

Karan said...

@ The bride:

Where is the "here" that you get the coffee-tea drink?

Is it nice?

Moreover, what is it called?

Karan said...

Oh, also Happy Birthday to whoever that is. Soon he'll realise what a shitty place the world is.

I am the Walrus said...

@karan: agreed it's a shitty place..

I am the Walrus said...

and once again, i'm baffled at myself for reading the conversation in it's entirety while at work...

Pri said...

@Karen: um what's with the SPAMMING of my comment page???
And that magical figure of 293 would mean something only if they were from different people and not Bharath/anonymous posting as different people with obvious fake names representing the different states of India.

@the bride: That must be gross. Is it called a 'Chai tea latte'? Cause Starbucks has one of those and it literally means ‘tea tea coffee’. I’ve been too scared to try it.

@i am the walrus: u were totally entertained. It made your morning. Don’t lie.

k.b. said...

heheh ... good reading!

they have this tea n coffee drink in singapore and its called yin yang..hehehe... im too scared to try it too!

@ pri... chai tea latte sounds swooper funny! but its justin's favourite drink!... (its justin timberlake for all you guys who arent on a first name basis with him.)
i rememeber gubachi mari!! hehhe... and i almost peed in my pants???????? huh????
thank god sunjaya's gone... he was making a fool of himself and all the countries in the sub continent!!!

Ashwin said...


gubacchi mari!

That's funny!

And... apparently... the average height of an Indian male is 5'6