Thursday, April 19, 2007

B has been blogged... again!

So I walk into work this morning holding my ginormous cup of coffee ready to face another blah Thursday. I sign on to my computer and give everyone my fake morning smile when I realise something sounds different. I hear this annoying jingling noise and it’s coming from B’s office. I guess B went shopping last evening and one of items purchased was a noise making device which she calls “Look everyone, my new bangles!” This was also apparently a “I must have everything that’s baby pink” trip. I told her she looks like an overgrown 12 year old. She made faces at me and then proceeded to whine about the comment to everyone whilst twirling her hair. She also threatened to ‘bangle me’ if I wasn’t nice to her. I handed her some pink bubblegum [that I happened to be carrying] and my baby pink handbag [don’t judge me its cute] to hold for the picture I was about to take. B made her cutesy face while i clicked. I heard her say “I expect to be blogged” before she marched back to her box [also known as her cubicle] and so here it is. B has been blogged…again!

Unfortunately i will not be displaying the picture i took on this blog for fear of being bangled.I can however give you a visual image - lots of baby pink eye shadow and lipstick [which B claims is her natural lip colour], baby pink mini sweater worn over white shirt and dark grey pants and not to forget lots of steel bangles.


The Visitor said...

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PS: These are good places to start the respective blogs. Also go through their archives.
Have a great day! :)

I am the Walrus said...

pink is the new black...

Karan said...

"... Coz pink is my favourite crayon!"

Ok, not really, but I'm just super excited about the Aerosmith concert in Bangalore. :)

Anonymous said...

hey pri...
must say you're blog is good time pass..esp if you have absolutely nothin to do at work;)..oh n yknow what im from the same coll you went to in blore!!!n im PRI too!!

Karan said...

@Bhatath - You were the famous Mount Carmel's cross dresser..

So cool!!

the shiva said...

ud rather be bangled in bangalore?

then whats denver for?

Pri said...

@the visitor: thanks. will check them out.

@i am the walrus: wasnt that like half a decade ago?

@karen: yay fo u!!!

@anon/priya: glad i could entertain u. what year did u graduate?

@inquisitive karen: for once anonymous was not bhatath.

@shiva: wats the connection with bangalore? B meant she would strangle me with her bangles.