Thursday, April 12, 2007

First attempt at Short stories [be kind]

Oh and they're each supposed to be individual short stories so try reading them like that.

For the cynical bitch that she was [always rolling her eyes at lovey dovey couples and making sarcastic comments when someone mentioned marriage or boyfriend trouble] she could be unbelievably mushy. It was on her favourite TV show that she heard the Senator tell Kitty he loved her and right then she realised nobody had ever said that to her and meant it. For a minute she felt sorta sad for herself and then she watched more TV and was happy again.


The best part of her day she realised was when she was alone. She felt guilty ignoring her friends but for once all she wanted to do was nothing.

She felt horrible when she heard the news. She felt worse when she realised that the first thought that had crossed her mind was what she should wear.

Inspired by Ammani she pulled out her laptop ready to write some simple yet brilliant short stories but she drew a blank. The best stories she realised came to her when there wasn't a pen in sight.

She was getting better at remembering to stop for pedestrians but some days when she was late for work and she spotted an elderly person in the corner of her eye she sped past pretending she hadn't seen them.

She felt sad when she heard about her co worker's husband but it didn't upset her as much as it would have if it were someone closer to her. She wondered if her co worker would hate her if she knew the truth.

She was dreading the day she would have to meet him and was more than a little disappointed when it didn't go as terribly as she'd imagined.

She had liked him forever but she knew the feeling would go away the moment he found out. He wondered if there was a possibilility she might also like him but was too afraid to ask for fear of offending her. They never found out and that was the way it was meant to be.
[55 word - i had to point it out since i took the trouble to count]


soupie said...

Tell the gal in the first short story. Her Best Friends Forever say "I love you".

k.b. said...

ummm more like swooper short micro mini stories. didnt get the plot in the last one???heheheeh

@ soupie.. ditto BFF

sowmya said...

she is pri... thats my story

Ashwin said...

I'm not sure how I feel about really, really short stories :D

But the 1st, 4th and 6th one I liked :)