Saturday, March 10, 2007

Hello World

I just watched Dada's interview at Eden Gardens on NDTV. It was very emotional. I may have cried a little.

I also saw an Ashley Judd interview [also on NDTV] where she had tears in her eyes. She claimed it was because she was going to go see Gandhi's house. I think the person interviewing her was as confused as i am.

I would also like to announce that i cleaned my room. I will have to clean it again in a couple of weeks cause duh it will be messy again but also because my aunt [who loves to wear old lady perfume] and gay cousin [who doesn't quite know he's gay yet] are coming to visit ... for 4 days! I will of course have to drive them around/entertain them/make pineapple souffle [cause that is all i can make] and generally make pleasant conversation ... for 4 days! My announcing the cleaning of my room [which i realise you probably could've done without hearing] might have something to do with Bharath's very very rude comment the other day. I quote "You really think people are interested in you washing your car?" You will be happy to know Bharath has been officially banned from reading this blog.

I would also like to inform you that it's raining outside right now. This is one of the million things i miss about my Bangalore. It never rains here. Snow we get. Lots of it. But very little rain. Okay now that we've talked about the weather lets move on.

This is a picture of some of the things my mommy brought me from India. I had it all spread out and thought it looked so colourful. [Soupie, Kb i hear collective gasps from the two of you. I promise not to go crazy with the colourful fonts now that I've discovered how to use them.]

I have been shocked [but happy] to note that all of a sudden lots of people [well more than 2 at least] have been reading my blog. Yay!!! Anyway what is even more amazing is some of their locations. Sweden? Mexico? Lots of people in China? Italy? Germany? Denmark? Spain? Poland? France? Singapore [and it's not even you Kb] Japan? I mean I'm excited and all but WTF? I'm world famous!!! I'm assuming most of you are Desis who live in these places. So to you guys and of course everyone from India and USA - Welcome jee Welcome! Leave me comments so i know you're real. K?

Also who here thinks the music on this page should be taken off? [Bharath your opinion doesn't count]

And can anyone help me fix the 'blogroll me' button on my blog? It doesnt work. Oh and this is not me asking you to blog roll me. The button seriously doesn't work and i can't fix it :(


Amit Bajaj said...

did someone tell you that you have one of the cutest blogs on the world wide web!!

on a more critical level, i liked the way you criss-crossed the world - integrating the public world and your private. It's okay for me to take a peek-a-boo sometimes na?

Ashwin said...

Blogroll me... there's probably something wrong with the javascript... some bracket missing somewhere... according to the little yellow exclaimation at the bottom of the browser status bar.

Bharath said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

This post has been removed by the blog administrator.

I realised she doesn't love him as much as he loves her and it does not matter to her - or she pretends.

The very fact that she took his name a few times on this very post shows she's equally obsessed with him.

|||| said...

Oh, don't take off the music. I'll suggest a nice playlist if you want.

Pri said...

@amit: I will be walking around with an inflated ego all week and it will be all your fault. :)

@ashwn: How can i fix it?

@anon/karen: if u dont behave i'm gonna have to ban u also.

@4lineperson: I dont have a problem with my playlist. I think i have fantabulous taste in music :) But yeah feel free to suggest your fav music.

Amit Bajaj said...

let me know whenever you need another inflation of ego!! btw, i somehow like your taste in music too..suddenly i feel like using that word which i always thought really doesn't mean anything - cute!