Saturday, March 10, 2007

Eavesdropping can be so much fun

Overheard at a public restroom

Kid number 1: Rachel?

10 seconds later

Rachel [also known as Kid no 2]: Ya
Kn1: Why are you taking so long?
R: Um cause
Kn1: Hurry up!
R: K
Kn1: Rachel
R: Yaa
Kn1: I’m gonna go outside. K?
R: K
R: Emily!
Kn1: Wahat?
R: I won’t know where you are
Kn1: mmm I’ll be near the card section
R: What card section?
Kn1: cards… you know.. like birthday cards

Overheard at the bank

Guy: Hey you know that girl at school who got a sex change?
Girl: Ya
Guy: You sorta look like the boy version of her.
Girl: Oh please. I didn’t cut it that short

Also overheard at the bank:

Lady: Nicole honey where's your scrunchie?
Nicole: I dont know
L: Was that what you were chewing on earlier?
N: No
L: Nicole!
L: Was it?
N: Ya [makes sad face]

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