Monday, February 12, 2007

Yeh hain Antakshari..Close up Antakshari

Today is the day millions of Indians all over the world have been waiting for. Yes Antakshari is back and it’s on Star one which means I get to watch it. A round of applause for Hindi Direct on DirecTV please!!! Omg omg Shahrukh Khan just walked on stage. The excitement in the room is unbelievable. The shine from the stage decor is blinding but I'm way too excited to let it affect me. Ooh a new host. She looks like a mermaid who just survived an underwater glitter explosion. Which brilliant designer made her dress? I can’t believe Annu Kapoor still does this. What is he eighty? The audience looks like they’ve been paid to be this excited. I mean they jump up and down every time their team gets a song right and I think I just saw a Mexican Wave. There's this mother daughter team who are totally gonna win this thing cause they know every freakin song and they can hit all the shriekiest of notes (not very pleasantly) but they do. Annu Kapoor still makes his worried face every time someone gets a song wrong. It's been like two decades and absolutely nothing has changed. The band still uses a Casio? wtf? Can they not afford a piano? They're so strict with the points. If you forget like 2 words in the song you're screwed. Ooh the competition is heating up. The Bengali guys are really good especially the one in the shiny 3D shirt. (I know there's a word for this sort of fabric...u know the one with the changing colours. Unfortunately all I can think of right now is 3D) Shaan just walked on stage. The crowd is going insane. I just saw this one auntyjee hugging her teenage son (boy toy?) jump up and down. Shaan looks a little uncomfortable with the high pitches. Oh and I forgot to mention its now a national competition with teams from the north east west and wait for it... centre of India. wtf? What about south India? Damn it I'm South Indian. I can play non stop antakshari and win. Oh no mum and daughter are out, I guess well have to wait till next week to see if 3D shirt boy and friend can win.


Karan said...

3D fabric = polynosic

that girl in pink said...

so you shared the agony with me!! :)
that juhi babe is awful na??

by the way, do you know who won the damn show?