Tuesday, February 27, 2007

World Cup Team [Notice something odd about this Picture?]

Pri: Did u like Ambarish annas' photo? Bharath did eet the alteration to the photo heeeeee
Soupie: i love eet. he'd do gud on our team no?
Pri: ess ess heeeeeeee
Soupie: c how our heavyweight Inzi plays...same2same
Pri: correct correct
Soupie: and wats the name of that Srilankan guy? he's also huge no?
Pri: heeeeeeeeeee Rasagulatunga?
Soupie: yess yesss
Pri: runnertunga? cause he always uses a runner
Soupie: he's not doing much runnin is he?
Pri: im so cute i just came up with both those names
Soupie: i realised u were having a cutsey moment here
Pri: heeeeeeeeeee... i have lots of those no?


I am the Walrus said...

where is bengal tiger?

bengal tiger... where are you?

not that i care about the tiger, but i thought he was going to play in the world cup!

Pri said...

Of course Dada's playing. I'd be on a hunger strike if he wasn’t. Well maybe not a hunger strike but I’d be very very upset.
Anyway the picture is a joke. Let me introduce you to one of Kannada cinemas finest/funnest actors Ambarish avaru. Oh and he would be the drunk looking one with the red eyes.