Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I couldn't come up with a Title for this one. Any suggestions?

So you know how Gtalk is attached to Orkut and so it adds every a**f**k on your Orkut list to your Gtalk list without even asking your permission? Now here's the problem. When you sign on to Gtalk and you see someone online you cant really ignore them and so you think of something to say and you're good for like two minutes with the "ooh do you remember this?" and "ooh hows this person doing?" but then before you know it you've run out of content and then you get this weird uncomfortable few seconds where no ones typing anything, and you have absolutely nothing to say but you have no idea how to end the conversation. I guess you could say "okay i have to go do this" or simply 'gtg' but see then you're expected to sign off but you might still want to be signed on just in case someone you really want to talk to comes online. Sigh! Life is so complicated! I've now reached a stage where almost everyone on every list is blocked. If you're reading this i promise I've never ever considered blocking you. Ever :)

In other news, i went to this fancy restaurant today...you know where the chef comes to your table and performs little tricks with the knife and makes your meal right in front of you. Well it was fascinating and all until the guy started dropping stuff. After that he could've juggled knives with his feet or pulled rabbits out of his hat [which reminds me...i don't think he was wearing one. Gross] but i had lost interest. Really once you've dropped something [and almost burned your hand on the hot stove] you cant really ask for any respect. Loser! I did scope for cute chefs while i was there but unfortunately i saw none. Its sorta depressing actually. I mean i cant even find a cute chef. How am i going to find a cute chef who plays cricket and is an orphan? Huh? Huh?

Okay so funny story. Dad called last night while i was enjoying dosas at this nice aunty's house.

Dad: So the other day no ma i had gone for my evening walk and then when i was getting into my car no i saw one young boy staring at the car. So i was like who is this eediot and i said "Ey who are you? What do you want?" and the boy was like "Oh hello uncle, no actually i was just looking at the sticker on your car. It says University of Colorado no? I also studied there. I did my Masters and PhD there." So then i was like oh ho and i told him that my daughter also studies there. He is a good boy ma. New to Bangalore it seems. So anyway i thought I'd tell you.

Uncomfortable silence.

Pri: So Pa are you going to watch the Oscar awards today?

Dad, a little disappointed at my lack of excitement: Oh its today aa? Okay ma i will watch.

Oh and at this same dinner party there was this hilarious unclejee with the most ridiculous accent ever. The whole time we were there he wouldn't shut up about these tours [he called them tooorrs] he supposedly arranges to the Holy city [voly city] and how fascinating they were. I wish i could remember more ... i was too high on the dosas but something about how all the huzbends trushted him with their wives on the tooorr and how vemens sapety [safety] was so important nowvadays and about how some neighbour in Chennai gave him lots of jack fruit and how this smell was coming from the neighbours house. I tried not to make eye contact with my mum cause i was sure we'd both burst into uncontrollable laughter. We did later though, on the way home.


Ashwin said...

I always use the "I'm at work, can't use google talk for personal stuff, but I've gotta stay online 'coz some clients expect me to be online" excuse. Seems to work for me :)

bharath said...

i am chatting with preee as i write this so i know im not blocked.. i consider myself so lucky that pre has not blocked me.. she is the epitome of greatness.. the modern day indira gandhi u might say..

pssst.. she told me to write all this..

Pri said...

@ashwin: hmmm unfortunately that wouldnt work for me

@bharath: bastard bitch! i did not!