Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I'd like to blame two things for my lack of blogging. One is twitter. It's easy, it's instant and then since I've talked about something the minute it's happened I don't feel the need to go back and talk about it more in detail.

Then there's my iPhone which I love and my laptop which died, which I haven't really missed. Tweeting from my phone is awesome and I hadn't really thought about blogging from my phone but I figured why the hell not? I have stories to tell, mostly from my India trip and since there's so many I'm going to just do short ones. Many short posts is the goal. Wish my luck.

P.S. We're World Champions. WHAT??!

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shub said...

Where are the many short posts, I ask you? You think we aren't paying close attention?

Pri said...

I wrote the first one and the phone app I'm using didn't save it. Now I gotta recreate it. I'm annoyed.