Wednesday, August 26, 2009

i'm realizing more and more what a loner i've become.

i went to vegas recently with a group of friends and yet the happiest moments from the trip were the ones i spent by myself. right before midnight on my birthday i had a dessert craving. the room service menu wasn't exciting enough for me so i called the crepe place at the hotel and the fools had just closed. there was one restaurant at the hotel that was open 24 hours so i got out of my pajamas and walked downstairs. i was on the phone the whole time with one of my best friends so maybe it doesn't really count as a moment by myself. it was around 11:55 when i got there and it turned out there was a long ass line to the place. i asked the hostess for takeaway and sat down at the fake park bench under the fake sky inside fake paris and waited for my tiramisu. when i got off the phone and looked at the time it was midnight and at that moment i was genuinely happy. i was beaming actually. the people in line must have thought i was drunk.

this is what my surroundings looked like. this picture will always make me happy.

if i had to list my other favourite moments from the trip it would be drinking wine in the hotel room out of my new leak proof super cool metallic water bottle [they were taking forever to bring up glasses to the room] getting the most awesome swedish message and watching the water/light show from the top of the fake eiffel tower. for two out of these three things i was by myself. see what i mean? i don't enjoy other people's company anymore! or do i just not know enough awesome people? this is not good.

also may i please suggest everyone check out this website if they haven't already.

p.s. it's weird. i write this post and a couple of hours later i read chamko rani.


Prasoon said...

Probably because you wanted to be with someone specific and knowing that person isn't there, you start enjoying alone? The one whom you were on phone with - had the person been with you, wouldnt it have been better than how it was otherwise?
Why were you alone on the birthday btw - didnt the ones who came to Vegas with you not know and they left you alone around midnight?

In case I missed and the day just passed recently - belated wishes lady :)

narendra shenoy said...

The email site was awesome! Laughed till it hurt.

Happy birthday, by the way.

Cheer up and have a great year

Coverse to the Oscars said...

Hey! Will you please follow my blog? =] It is: Have a great day!

Pri said...

prasoon: well a couple were out gambling which is really what one is supposed to do in vegas. my friend was already in pajamas like me and really i was the one with the dessert craving even though i had refused the birthday cake idea. i basically scooted as soon as the phone rang. i'm to blame here. i was not abandoned.

shenoy: isn't it the best? they also have a vote on submission section where they have equally deserving emails that don't make it to the front page.

coverse to the oscars: absolutely not. although you did say please. i appreciate spammers with manners. good day.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

LOL @ converse conversation.

i think its wonderful to enjoy being alone and not lonely. i also think it might be that u are not meeting people of "Your kind".

That is going to pretty much be the theme in life from 26 on and upwards. :)

and oh yeah i HATE twitter

??! said...

Girl, wine from a metal flask? The tannins, the acid, the horrible mingling of them both! Next you'll be drinking coffee from styrofoam c...oh, wait.

For that website link, all is forgiven.

. said...

Silly, silly Pri. You disappoint me. I bet you splattered mayo on a slice of bread, threw some foie-gras in there and called it lunch.

@??! Did you tell her that you're supposed to eat caviar with a wooden spoon? You should also ask her to read Iznogoud-that guy always wants to be the Caliph instead of the Caliph. And he calls it Khhaviar. (Pri, that's the same guy those Tinkle folks copied and called Tantri the Mantri.)

The Bride said...

Being on phone precludes you from being a loner. You are an all-my-best-friends-are-in-other-countriers-er

frissko said...

I want to know if the woman with the accidental FB update married the guy she was engaged to :). (that email site is such a time sucker!)

And funny i came close to drinking vodka off an ever silver tumbler last night, but decided not to die of some chemical ka on metal is ok?

Good try...but you're just can't usurp the right to have lonely bdays and such things...not yet!...Have a good year...

Pradeep Bharadwaj said...

Hi There,

When you are all by yourself most of the times you are in silence (unless you have a loud music in the background or carzily talkin to yourself aloud) and its continued with more silence and it takes back you to the self making you realize new dimensions of yourself which brings happiness, beam of joy..... Most of the people need someone else to tell them that they are special... Only few people realize that no matter what.. whether people tell them or not.. they are special.. so be thankful that you have discovered somethings which most of the people take ages to discover...


tgfi said...

u gotta see this

- K - said...

Dude, I tried calling you. E-mailed later.

Yeah, but I get what you mean. Like last year some friends came off at 12 with cake and all, but I didn't know if I should even feel happy.

I thought drinking alone was a sign of turning alcoholic.

Do you also get annoyed with Facebook friend requests from people you haven't met in years and will probably not meet for a few years again?

Anonymous said...

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