Sunday, July 12, 2009

music to make me happy

i have a new amazon obsession. i go on there and find all kinds of music. music that i feel guilty buying for such low prices. but it's there, you know? ready to be purchased. so this past month i've just been buying and buying and it's so exciting. all this music comes to my front door from all over the world. the parcels are small enough to fit in my mail box so i don't have to go to the post office. so none of this. i also like that a lot of them come handwritten. and if they're from out of the country there's a little customs declaration form and i can see the sender's signature and their sworn testament that they're not mailing me dangerous explodable material. it's all very exciting.

i'm one of those of people who hasn't moved on to newer cooler technology. i still listen to cds cause they work in my car and that's the one place i really need my music. it's important to me to have great music on my way to work. it sets the mood you know. like all of last week i listened to three regina spektor songs over and over again. song number 1 , 4 and 6. fidelity, on the radio and hotel song. i went to work happy each day. and that's hard to do especially on a monday. the other cool thing about cds is i can play them at work. well most of them. my office really digs goldspot now. and travis and death cab for cutie. alright maybe not as much. but they're catching on. most importantly though i'm ridding the world of horrific 96.5 type music. next week i'll be educating them on some more travis and the ost to garden state [thanks art] and once and maybe some steven fretwell if it arrives soon enough.

No, this is how it works
You peer inside yourself
You take the things you like
And try to love the things you took

And then you take that love you made
And stick it into some
Someone else's heart
Pumping someone else's blood

And walking arm in arm
You hope it don't get harmed
But even if it does
You'll just do it all again

And on the radio
You hear, 'November Rain'
That solo's awful long
But it's a good refrain
You listen to it twice
'Cause the DJ is asleep

On the radio, on the radio
On the radio, uh oh, on the radio, uh oh
On the radio, uh oh, on the radio

in fantastic news my mother is going on vacation for a couple of weeks. yay peace and quiet. boo frozen food. i'm a terrible daughter i know.


in embarrassing news some lady tried to set me up with her son. in front of her son! but that's a whole other post.

also dear blaudience i don't feel the need to apologize for my posts. this right here is me explaining how i don't feel the need to apologize. like if you think i was funnier back in 2007 go read 2007. okay? and quit bitching. this is a personal blog. at least it's still here. with disco and the really short sentences. and i still update it. i haven't deleted it. i haven't switched urls on you. i haven't packed up and gone back to college and forgotten about you. hint hint. i'm not off writing a secret book. none of that. i'm still here. i still write about tv. and crap i buy. and movies i watch and people that annoy me. and i realize you miss gaysin but he's been in hiding ever since his dad got here. also that got old. you know it did.

p.s. who's watching the iifa awards tonight? why do they always show these things like a month after it actually happened?


The Bride said...

I do not know any of the music you just mentioned. I am so uncool. I demand to hear about the setup.

moody crab said...

i love travis

??! said...

i haven't packed up and gone back to college and forgotten about you.
Ha! I hope she read that.

And for the record, I'm ok with you not being funnier or whatever - now that you've stopped going on about the Teary Freakshow.

. said...

Is that album the only music I've recommended that you heard and didn't thup in my face? I still haven't forgiven you for the thup-in-face you did for Sigur Ros.

a million different people said...

I overfeed Disco every time I'm here. Is that okay?

Pri said...

dulhan jee: that's alright. i will educate you along with the office.
for set up story show up on gchat.

moody crab: aren't they the best? what's your favourite song?

the riddler: she's gone. she doesn't read us anymore. sniff. and it is not a freak show. there's real people on there. with real talent. and adorable green sweaters.

art: wtf is sigur ros? and i'm sure there was other stuff i moderately enjoyed.

a million different people: that's cool. that's probably why he's such a happy little fish. awwwww i love my disco.

Anonymous said...

Oh no.. I dont crib ! I am happy to see Disco still here.
But occasional updates about Gaysin will help, you see! :)

Perakath said...

Clap for the non-apologizing. Every blogger gets that shit thrown at them after a year or three and it pisses me off.

Perakath said...

Goldspot is that band with an Indian singer or something, right?

moody crab said...

i like 'why does it always rain on me', 'side', 'happy' and 'flowers in the window'.

i had to listen to 'why does it always rain on me' after i read ur post.

pri said...

moody crab: yep. all those and afterglow. and the humpty dumpty love song. have you heard them cover britney? they make hit me baby one more time sound magical.

pri said...

and have you watched a lot of their videos? i had only seen like two on tv and then i found a whole bunch on you tube. they're pretty special.